Sunday, July 22, 2012

oh. looky here.

happy monday, y'all.
i've got some news.
some big news.

have you heard about the hope 4 sudan project?
i told you about it last week.

you can read more about it on my friend's blog here.
they are sending a small team from their church to sudan to give relief from hunger.
from physical hunger and spiritual hunger.
it costs $25,000 to send that team to africa.
and they have 4 weeks left to raise those funds.

i was thinking long and hard how i can help.
so i'm excited to tell you about a way that you can join the cause.

in the etsy store are 5 printables that you can purchase.
each printable is just $7.

 and all the proceeds to the hope 4 sudan project.
its easy peasy.
just purchase the printable.
and print it on whatever paper you want.
and not only have you helped contribute,
but you've gotten yourself a cute print for your home.
wanna know something else that's cool?
and all you have to do is spread the word about the hope 4 sudan project.

their theme verse is micah 6:8 which is why i used it on each print.
and something that keeps standing out to me is the phrase "love mercy".
i keep coming back to those two words.

love. mercy.

it is what Jesus does for us.
it is what we are called to do for others. 
thank you, hope san mateo, for loving mercy.
you set a good example for all of us.