Thursday, July 19, 2012

ok. so.
i'm redoing my master bedroom and i'm so excited.
i got new bedding for my birthday and i've been saving up some ideas for quite awhile.
in case you didn't know, scotty and i got engaged on a missions trip in england.
so i love pretty much anything [london].

here are some things i've been eyeing for my walls.

also. not festy of etsy related. 
i feel like you need to read this post that my friend wrote.
it had me in tears.
and i'm excited to see what the Lord will do through it.

[one more thing :: i'm over at beautifully rooted today!]


  1. great finds! love the last one!!

  2. That second piece....oh man. I love it. I also need to see large photos of the stripey wall with coral frames. Stat homegirl. I feel like it's going to change my life.

  3. i love everything about this post.
    i also think a certain pillow will look fabulous in your home (post olympics opening ceremonies that is).

    hopefully you can find a spot for it even if it doesn't match.

    also. thank you for sharing about Sudan.

    and your story.

  4. swooning over that petite collage.
    didn't know you were engaged in london. that's purdy special! xo

  5. The clock is my fav. But I love peach (and mint) :0)

  6. um, hello awesome finds. i love that clock f'realz.

  7. i wish i had a good reason to love london so i buy some of this stuff.

  8. Thank you for considering our clock for your English collection :)



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