Tuesday, July 31, 2012


man. i must say that the last few weeks have really left me in a fog.
between scott working long hours, 
me juggling two kids inside since it's 100+ degree weather,
friends going through some tough stuff....i'm just tired.
it could be so much worse. for real. but i just crawl into bed each night drained.
and i feel like i wake up just a few hours later still exhausted.

i left a store a few weeks ago and had one of the worst experiences as a mom there.
kids crying at the register, i felt hot, embarrassed, and flustered. 
mortified, actually. i couldn't wait to get in the car.
i called scooter to talk to him about what had happened but he couldn't answer.
i was still crying hot tears all the way home. 
i wanted to call someone else to tell them what happened, 
but i remembered a verse i had read that very morning.

psalm 34:5.
and i realized i didn't need to call anyone else and whine about my day.
i just needed to look to the Lord and he would get me through it.
and so for the last few weeks, with every random trial that's come my way,
i've looked to the Lord. 
i will admit that i probably don't always turn to him FIRST like i should be.
but it is always a constant process with me. i'm always learning to run to him first.
he makes us radiant when we do.

so what does a girl who loves to design do when she finds an awesome verse?
one that i want to keep in every nook and cranny of my house?
oh! i made a printable. :)

you can download it too!
[the frame won't be on the printable version. this print is formatted as an 8x10.]

i wanna be radiant all the time. don't you?
i want to be able to shine with God's grace.
i want to be able to know with confidence i am looking to Him for everything.
he will never let us down.


  1. I needed this. I desire radiance. There is something so becoming about it. And, I'm grateful for your skillz. Totally printing this out tomorrow.

  2. Gosh that is such a great verse! Such a beautiful thing to meditate on as a mama.

    Putting that in my house...now!

  3. great post. and good color choice, matches my living room perfectly ;)

  4. this post gave me goosebumps. your voice for the Lord, his using you as a vessel, just makes me so full of joy.

  5. I love this verse! So glad the Lord's Word was able to encourage you in such a time!

  6. katy. you have cat to be kitten me right meow.

    just read this chapter, like a minute ago. grateful to see it here and read your encouraging words! man, i sure do love you! xo

    also, that printable is beautiful. thank you :)

  7. i definitely need this verse in my life. and this print. so preeetty. thanks for sharing :)

  8. Such truth!! been there done that friend! lovely print, thanks!

  9. Thanks for sharing this. It's a great thing for us all to remember!!

  10. katy.
    i need this verse today more than you know.
    i also need Jesus today. which you probably know.
    so thank you.

    I need to hit up my kinkos and print this UP.

  11. So needed to read this right now - thank you so much for sharing. Hope your week gets better :)


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