Tuesday, July 24, 2012

scenes from the weekend.

i'm a little behind.
that's what happens when you have two kids.
and a husband that's working 14 hour days.
and it's summer. and hot. and i'm reading books. and watching bachelorette.
so basically, i do not have a single good excuse.

but here are my weekend sevens.

1. i really love how much miles is starting to love cammie jane.
i'm sure he will start to be more gentle with her as time goes on.
today he poked her in the eye. but whatevs.


2. i love a good ruffly bottom on a baby.

3. my closie had a bachelorette finale party for us.
complete with green jello for jef and dutch babies for arie.
if you do not know why, my advice to you would be to google.
i cannot be responsible for this. it was all christie.
missing from this picture are my closies :: davi & lorie.
davi was tardy to the party and lorie just didn't show up.
ok. maybe lorie was getting home from washington, but still. priorities, right?
this pic is not the same without them.


4. melted my heart.


5. this little guy found his way to our back yard.
doxies are my favorite kind of dogs because my bestie loves them so much.
i could get used to seeing a little face like that at the window.
scott would have none of it though.
it went back to the owner immediately.


6. i really look forward to seeing where miles is going to take his nap now.
always a pleasure walking down the hall to take a peek.


7. this little face.
love it. 
i could get addicted to those eyes real fast.


p.s. thank you to everyone who has bought a print for the Hope 4 Sudan fund!
just through my etsy shop we have already raised $100. 
let's keep it up! 


  1. 1. awesome blog post title.
    2. there is a reason God gave us two eyes: big brothers. cammie also has two kidneys. the gallbladder is unnecessary as well.
    3. i like seeing your closies faces. or facies. i will not be googling bachelor references. i do however love all housewives references.
    4. cammie + scott pics are kind of amazing lately. keep them coming.
    5. i would keep that doxie in my house forever and not bring him back to the owner. look how happy he is to see you.
    6. cammie is getting SO animated. i can't WAIT to hold her and see her smile IRL.
    7. thank you for your big giant heart for Sudan and this little ministry. i'm excited about it. and i'm excited that you are excited about it. so thank you!

    and that is my 7 comments for your weekend 7's.
    over & out.

  2. I just noticed the husbands label is scooter mcscoots. That's funny.

  3. perfect. all of it.
    well, i am clueless about the bachbiz. and happily so.
    but i love a good dutch baby. also, i love your baby. both of them.
    cammie wears ruffles well. i do not. miles is just relaxing any old place.
    love it.

    ok. please no remarks about this late/early hour.
    eg woke up, patrick is away, i can't go back to sleep.
    so stalking you is what it's come to, obvi.


  4. love the picture of miles and cammie jane. and the ruffle butt. and..i love them all really. the one of scott and cammie jane made my heart happy. i hope i get to see my husband hold a baby again SOON! looks like an awesome weekend.

    oh, and my son would NEVER just fall asleep on the floor. i just don't see it happening EVER. sleep is not his thing.

    have a great week!!

  5. presh. just presh. all of it.
    i have never watched the bach. can we still be friends?

  6. There's her smile! She's a doll Katy. Next time hopefully I get to meet miles. I'm also wishing I could fall asleep anywhere just like miles.

  7. ruffly baby butts are acceptable. also, i love her face. can't wait to see it. and yours.

  8. I feel like I got jipped. I mean, yes, I didn't make the bachlorette party (I was literally asleep before it even came on the air. no joke) But NO mention on this here blog about what an awesome friend I am delivering you salt water taffy the very day you requested it.

    you know. just sayin' ;)

    @cuppakim's above comments kill me. she is great. <3

  9. also, my son is also currently asleep on the floor. but it's on top of a sleep bag so people will think it's on purpose. ;)

  10. OH my soul. that pic of cammie is adorbs. and i love the first one of miles and cammie too. and the one of miles napping. basically any pic of miles and cammie, i love.

  11. that pic of cammie and her daddy is soooooo sweet. so sweet.

  12. I love all of these things.

  13. that dog has about the most eager little face i have EVER seen, LOL! as does cammie!

  14. how did i miss this post?
    that dog is just begging to move in with you.
    i mean, seriously.


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