Friday, July 27, 2012

sponsored by the letter c.

three C things on this delightful friday.

my bestie has a lot of courage today.
she has impacted me in so many ways.
and i just love her so much.


my sister started blogging again at camozzi on over.
we gave it a whole new look. and hopefully she keeps it up.
i told her i would only redesign it for her if she blogged for real or else.
she has an amazing heart. and is a great decorator. and is hilarious.
go check it out so she stays true to the course.


i painted stripes on my wall and painted some empty frames coral.
it was fun and easy and changed the whole look of the room.

so that's all.
have a great weekend.


  1. c is for covering you and your bestie in prayer today (for serious).

    c is for cool. because k.camoz totes is.

    c is for can you come here and do that? i have vaulted ceilings. so BYOLadder.

  2. I'm totally obsessed with your new wall & frames! LOVE!

  3. loving the new walls. oh, i can't wait to own a home! loving your sister's blog too :)

  4. What a great new look for the room! What paint color is it? I love it!

  5. That striped wall and those coral frames are AMAZING!!!!

  6. i love this. praise jesus for your bestie!! xo

    now, off to stalk sistergirl.


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