Wednesday, July 18, 2012

this is the life.

for the last few days, we were up in the mountains with some of our close friends.
ryan and sarah jane had their first baby girl 3 weeks before we had cammie jane.
we've been friends for a long, long time.

i was pretty stressed going into it because miles is at such a hard age for me.
plus i have a little baby and they have a little baby and i just get nervous in situations like that.
and there were definitely times that made me coo-coo.
but we are all learning together. 

we went to a place called hume lake.
hume lake is primarily a christian camp for kids of all ages.
i grew up going there every summer and winter.
ryan's family owns a cabin there.

every day we would take a walk down to the camp snack shack for fries and milkshakes.

the milkshakes are the best milkshakes i've ever had.
better than baskin robbins. and i love baskin robbins.
and ryan and SJ taught us to dip our fries into cheese sauce.
i was a little sketch at first.
it was bomb.
we tried to say bomb all weekend.

clearly i had no problem finishing it.

i love sarah jane because she is the kind of friend that laughs with you and cries with you.
she is funny, fun, and empathetic. 
you don't need to put on a show for her or be anyone other than yourself around her.
she just likes you for you.

also...both of our daughters' initials are that's an added bonus.
my hair is so bomb in this picture.

miles was like this the entire time at the snack shack.
he likes to people watch. i also like to people watch.
we both stare too much.

a few other things to note:
cammie started sitting in this bumbo chair.
i feel like she's far too tiny for this but it works for now.

G is for Gross.
or Grody if you grew up in the 80's and 90's.

mrs. butterworth loves america.
saw her when i was buying syrup for our waffle feast.

we drove home at sunset and everything was so beautiful.

i absolutely hate the drive to and from hume, but i doesn't get much better than this.

miles had so much fun that he couldn't even make it to his bed for nap time today.

that's not really saying much these days. but still.

we had a blast. 
we hope we're invited again.
we love you, ryan and sarah.
you guys are bomb.


  1. 3 (longish) things...
    1.) You don't know me but I've been blog stalking you for months. That's creepy-weird, I know. Sorry! But I did purchase a Pen & Paint print from Etsy on your recommendation both because I love the print but also because I have a huge place in my heart for mamas who lose their babies and wanted to support that organization. So thank you for that!
    2.) I also spent the best times of my youth at Hume Lake and your post TOTALLY brought back a ton of memories. Like the time that one kid ate nothing but sour cream and onion Pringles at summer camp then totally barfed on the bus ride home. Then proceeded to keep eating Pringles until we pulled into the church parking lot. Fries dipped in cheese sauce? L.O.V.E. Oh, how I miss the snack shack!
    3.) But not as much as I L.O.V.E. SJ and Ryan. I grew up with those crazy kids and am so excited about their baby girl. I also had a baby this year, so it's a total trip that we're all parents now. Please tell them I say "holla!"

    1. Hi stacia! I totally have heard so much about you through Loriegirl. She is one of my closies here. I will tell SJ you say hello! Thanks for popping in! I love it.

    2. okay okay, stacia has motivated me to confess i blog stalk you too (through lorieloo) for years and have never commented. shame i tell ya! ditto to her items 1 and 3. love my pen and paint just trying to find a spot for it to hang. and love sj and ryan (and stacia too)! and for good measure my hume lake old youth director(s) (gary and claudia, know them?) once gave us poor hs students fries to go with our shakes that we splurged on only to tell as AFTER we consumed them that they snagged them from an abandoned table...grody. GRODY! ;) and in case you want a face to a name...i started blogging again recently at and now that i've finally introduced myself...i'll probably start commenting. love your blog!

    3. Okay, yes to ALL three of Stacia's (and Amy's) comments. Except I didn't order a print. Yet.

      I have too many Hume memories to pick a favorite seeing as I went every year from 3rd-12th grade. Though I think winning the Broom hockey championship my senior year at winter camp is probably close to the top. Machiavellian Tatterdemalions FTW. (our 2 biggest SAT words, obviously. ;)

      This feels like a little LBC reunion. On Katy's blog ;)

    this trip looks absolutely perfect.
    daily fries and milkshakes would be my heaven. (and donuts, i like donuts too)
    god bless mrs. butter-worth.
    you are kind to have a gate, i tied ashlynn's door shut during that transition. not kidding.

  3. how fun!! that milkshake alone looks like it made it worth the trip :)

  4. Hume is the best, and there milk shakes seriously no other words but BOMB!

  5. what i wouldn't do for a hume milkshake right now.
    and a little hume "snack and scam".
    you know. the time after chapel where you make eyes at all the boys? and hope one of them will come talk to you. or better yet, tease you?
    i had a 3 year running hume crush.
    and then he disappeared into oblivion.

    God Bless Mrs. Butterworths. I need a waffle to go with my shake.

  6. Hume Lake yes it is beautiful...our churches middle school takes takes a trip there each year. Looks like you had a great time. Love the picture of your cutes sleeping on the floor!

  7. i'm think i need a milkshake...
    p.s. i get to see you soon and meet cammie jane!

  8. glad you had fun! love the syrup...wish I had a milkshake :)

    p.s. loved your comment about responding to comments via my blog... I feel the same way as you! :)

  9. now i want a milkshake.
    looks like a TON of fun.
    i just love friends like that. i strive to be a person that makes others feel that way. i have a long way to go, though.

  10. WOOT WOOT 10 days till our 9 day stay at HUME!!!!! I love our trips there. And seriously the milkshakes are the best!!!! I only eat shakes there except maybe once a year when we roll through in n out and I cave and get one there, but still nothing compares to Humes!!!
    And can I say I miss having babes in diapers. Diaper booties are the BEST!!!!

  11. thanks for all the usage of 'bomb' and LOVE the bumbo baby stage. i hear ya on miles age being stressful with voyages like that......char's age totes stresses me out on nearly all outings, including target. (sigh)
    <3 <3 ,3

  12. love that this trip was such fun!! these pics are great. ain't lion.

  13. you guys sure did rock the hume!

    hit up the fro so next year (if it's still there) and get a cookie dough banana milkshake. i know, totally weird, but fully delicious!

  14. yay for HUME! You have no idea how happy this post makes me!


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