Wednesday, July 11, 2012


i'm starting this new thing on thursdays, i decided.
i love finding things on etsy.
i really do.
some people spend countless hours on pinterest.
i do not. i do not have a pinterest.
but i log in to etsy every day to see the latest and greatest.
i could spend several minutes on that site.
and by minutes, i mean all of naptime.

i love to show other people the shops that i love because i love to promote them.
especially when i truly love a shop...i'll keep talking about it so that person gets as much business as they can.
so every thursday, i'm gonna do a "festy of etsy loves" for you.
with a little theme each week.

this week's theme is [yellow].
my mom taught me a long time ago that a good idea is to have one color woven throughout your whole house.
i love color. there are lots of different colors in each room.
but yellow is in every single room of my house.
my eyes are drawn to yellow.
so this week's festy is [yellow].


  1. Katy, thank you for this post. I have been looking everywhere for some art inspiration for our hallway. I mentioned you in my blog tonight in regard to what I found. Be blessed sister.

  2. I love it too and some times that over zealous-ness gets me in big time trouble. :) Happy Thursday!

  3. oh girl, this is a bad "want" list is just going to grow ;) great pics!

  4. great idea! i'm like you, I have pinterest but only for myself - I don't follow anyone and never find ideas there, but rather pin my own. but Etsy... oh boy. I LOVE that site and peruse all the time :)
    have you thought about making this a link-up party? I have so many things that I've found, even this morning!

  5. I LOVE YELLOW! and that hello sign has been in my favorites for ages.

  6. Did you know I used to hate yellow? Now it's my favorite! Weird, huh?

  7. you know how i feel about yellow, but somehow you make me like it a bit more.
    i am excited to come to your house and hang out in the indoor sunshine.
    even if its on the equator.
    for reals.
    i'm gonna come visit.

  8. All of this yellow is making me so happy, I can't hardly contain myself. It's such a happy color. LOVE!!!

  9. hallelujah.
    this sunny business is the jam.

    i'm excited about festy etsy.

  10. I visited your design blog and I love how you change all the names to some form of "Smith." Cracked me up. Cute designs. You're so talented. And I love this festy business you got goin' on.

    And I think you're JAWSOME.

    And we're bringing walkie-talkies to the mountains. So get ready to talk in code all weekend.

    B-10. Roger that. Over & Out.


  11. Dude you find the best stuff on Etsy! I suck at finding stuff on there! Excited for this little series.

  12. Fab. All of it. Sometimes I wish a I was a million simply because of Etsy.


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