Monday, July 30, 2012

weekend sevens.

kicked off the weekend in olympics style.
london mug, usa romper, opening ceremonies.

there were quite a few time outs this weekend.
see the arrow pointing to the washi-tape "x"? 
that's where miles has to look for the full two minutes. 
haha. at least he spends time out in style.

my sweet blog (and now real life!) friend kelly brought me over a new K mug.
my old one shattered. i felt so left out of the kool k kat klub on instagram.
now i'm a part of it again. thank you kelly!

went to a cousin's party up north on saturday. 
my MIL soaked up the time with her grandkids!
(cammie's headband is from here)

miles had a blast and loved the water and the trampoline.

tractor lover's dream, right here, i tell you.
mom? are you freaking out?
(my mom is obsessed with tractors.)

miles' new thing is to pose for cameras.
he smiles this huge cheesy grin.
gets totally into it.
i have no idea where he learned that from.

i hope you had a great weekend!
happy monday.

p.s. the Hope 4 Sudan team has raised over $10,000 in 12 days!
you can help support by buying a printable here.


  1. the time out spot? cracking me up.
    i'm in love with all of your cute mugs. mine are all white.
    i need cammie in my life.
    love tractors!
    and love your little poser.
    oh, and love you.

  2. great 7's friend! I laughed at the tape x ... I might need to try that :)

    I am a bit jealous over your London mug!!

  3. Hey there here is the link to the freebie birthday stuff :

    I help run and do the graphics for a local blog/facebook page .... so I accidently posted to the wrong blog :)

  4. On my yes!!! Those tractors!! Miles got the whole grin, posing for the picture deal from his Aunty.

  5. i love EVERYTHING about these 7's. which i feel like i say every week.
    but i really mean it!

    you guys know how to do the olympics. #godblesstheUK

    the pool party looks so fun. no wonder miles was making BIG GIGANTIC SMILES. :) so sweet.

    also so glad you are back in the klub. i'm scurred to use mine.

    and cami's bow is recordbreaking cuteness. really. at least in my heart.

  6. i wish i would of thought of putting an x on the wall. that's brill!
    i love it when kids learn to smile for the camera.
    and i mean everyone needs to be part of the kool k kat klub. your welcome!

  7. i hope my kids are as cute as yours one day.

  8. the london mug is awesome!!
    so are your sweetie children. oh my.
    love you, katygirl! xo

  9. The X is hilarious. Now you have me looking around the room for a good time out area:)

  10. you and cammie should head on over to london....that romper's too cute and you look like you could hop right out to the gymnast's mat. olympics = awesome tv

  11. I imagine Miles yelling "mom, do not take my picture while I'm in time out. MOM, seriously, stop!" Or something like that :)

    Cammie in that crochet boy...I die!

  12. I heart the stripe wall and empty frames ... Also do you add the tape to your pictures before uploading... So it's all,one image? If o can I ask what program you use ?


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