Sunday, August 19, 2012

camden jane :: four months

dear cammie jane,
your skin smells like flowers.
and your breath smells like candy.
and i think you're really beautiful.

i love you.


  1. oh, my sweetie face!!
    tried to pick a fave here, can't be done.
    happy four, miss cammie j! xo

  2. what a cutie. love her faces. her hair is growing in SO nicely! gonna have a great head of hair, just like her mama and brother!

  3. all of these faces are melting my heart.
    top right, favorite.
    the one with her eyes closed and she's kinda laughing is a second fav.

    you got a really good one.
    i bet your heart is exploding every second.

  4. She's snapping those fingers & gettin' sassy in that top right pic. Love it!

  5. she's such a delight.
    i'm with hannah, every photo is a favorite.

  6. kind of dying that i didn't meet her. she's amazing.

  7. she is just the sweetest little bird :)

  8. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    sweet girl.
    I love that serious face.

  9. hi! first time visiting your little space here and
    then I see this post about your daughter.
    she is just ADORABLE! love her beautiful eyes!
    you must be very proud :)

  10. she really is just stunning katy!! you two make some cute babies!

  11. So not sure if you follow celebrities but interesting that Kristen Callevari named her son Camden Jack and Nick and Vanessa Lachey just named their son Camden John. So crazy how similar to Cammie Jane.


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