Tuesday, August 28, 2012


i've been in a blogging funk for the last few days.
it happens every once in awhile to me.
i see something out there in this blogging world that makes me want to run & hide from it all.
something that doesn't sit right or leaves a funny taste in my mouth.
and then i have to take a few days to re-evaluate why i blog.
and the answer is simple::
a) i blog so my children have memories written down.
b) i blog to share the light of Jesus.
and those are the reasons.
everything else is a bonus. a really great bonus. 
so i'm going to get myself back in gear and not worry about the stuff that makes me weary.

this weekend i took cammie [and adele] with me to visit my mom.
my cousin is getting married and we went to her bridal shower.
it was a nice little getaway.

little miss cammie jane got all decked out in her gold flats and bow.
she pooped on the bow on the way home. it was accidentally in her car seat.
the bow is obviously from here

 a new anthropologie opened up by my mom's.
this was the display when you walked in.
i broke out in hives and started convulsing.
anthro...get your act together.
you have cat to be kitten me right meow with this.

like i said, on the way home, i heard cammie poop a whole lot.
so i pulled over at casa de fruita to change it.
well. it was everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
i mean, we had to take apart the car seat and wash every part in the washer when i got home.
when i was cleaning her up, this little dude just stood next to me. 
i mean, i was cleaning her for about 20 minutes straight.
he just stood there.
at first it was funny but then i was all, "dude, i have no food.
and i'm covered in crap. give me some space."

yesterday i got this gem in the mail.
you need to go get yourself one.
i can't wait to wear it. 
thank you, oxford trunk!!

and one final note to cammie jane:
listen girl. you're the cutest girl i've ever seen.
but please sleep later tomorrow morning.
6:20 is too early. what the heck were you thinking.
thank you. - the management.


  1. the gold flats.
    no to the freaky cat mess.
    bless cammie and her poop.
    i am glad you blog.

    and i love you.

  2. and one more thing.
    the necklace makes me need to be a californian.
    one more thing dos:
    you are really beautiful. love that last pic.
    ink & elm should have that as a nursery print instead.

  3. oh you are so lucky she SLEEPS IN until 620. The 5am hour highly appeals to Mason.

  4. I get the funk thing. I will allow a temporary blog siesta. Nothing permanent though. Because I love your long and would be black hole lost without it.

  5. also, I can believe she pooped on her bow. And San Jose is close so you should have come visited again. Although I won't be sitting in your carseats anymore.

  6. hilarious post, honey!
    i feel you on the blog funk stuff.

  7. peacocks scare me. i love the last pic. you two ladies are just beautiful.

  8. I've changed poops like that! Love the peacock, though, too funny.

    I read your blog a lot but rarely comment because I get lazy. You very often have just the right thing that I need to read. :)

  9. Glad you're back. Cammie all decked out? LOVE IT! Sorry about the poop. & the cats...terrible job anthro.

  10. I have always loved the name Cammie, now seeing it attached to such a precious little lady I am just head over heels for it! So ADORABLE!

  11. why do babies always decide to have blowouts on the interstate?
    henry was the same way, only he didn't have a bow to poop on.

    i'm glad you blog.

  12. I'm glad you blog {go ahead and add that to the reasons you blog}. That Anthro display is not right. In fact, nothing could be more wrong. And in my opinion there is nothing worse you could do to me than make me take apart the car seat. I never get it back quite the way it was. But I think Cammie is worth it, as long as she starts sleeping in. xoxo

  13. now, who is calicatrina? I need to get her some cards no?
    and let's talk about it.
    6:20 is nothing compared to what I used to have to deal with.
    5 flippin 45.
    sometimes 4. my kids are cray.

  14. she is SO bright eyed!

    dying, DYING that there were cats at anthro. you bought one for my bday, didn't you.

    that peacock is so rad.

  15. guess i was chopped liver? cool girl.

  16. Girlfriend, throw it in the washer! Totally washable. Or I'll send you a fresh one asap! No good having a poopie bow. :) Love ya!

  17. i can't wait for you to buy me each of those cats for my 30th birthday. the anticipation is killing me.

  18. i was going to ask how you cleaned the bow. that was my big concern. but then katrina took care of that. phew.
    you already know my other concerns with that cat display. like, what the he**?
    so how did you become the oxford trunks, bff? because i need in on that shiz. justkiddingnotreally.


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