Thursday, August 16, 2012

i used to always think that being a girly girl was bad.
but now i fully embrace it.
i mean, i love to root for my favorite football team.
and i can tell you more about the lakers than scott ever could.
but i am all about cute clothes, lip gloss, and anthropologie.
and i love too add a heart to give something that sweet touch.
so here. have a heart. be of good cheer.


  1. one of each please.
    those wooden hearts. yeah. those.

    and the pillow. i'd snuggle that so hard.

  2. I love the cute heart pillow!

  3. great finds!! I am so glad you can talk sports... me not so much :)

  4. the problem with these posts is how i'm going to go broke because i want it all.

  5. surprisingly i love all of this. i am not always a heart decor girl.
    but these are legit cute finds :)


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