Thursday, August 30, 2012

if you know me, then you know that i'm a usps advocate.
like for the most part, miles knows that when he wakes up from his nap, we go to get the mail.
i love to send it. i love to receive it.
it is just who i am.
i am constantly finding cute cards, funny cards, amazing cards on etsy.
here are a few of my favorites.

[she hand drew these!]

[my bestie just sent this card to me and i love it!]

[omgosh i can't get over this.]

[my friend sent this this link to me because of my "godblesstheusps" saying.]

[just because it is perfect for an envelope.]

some other great places to find cute cards:

have you found any cute card shops? leave a comment with the link!


  1. These are fantastic. I've gotten so much better at sending cards and such in the last six months. Handwritten notes are seriously underrated.
    And I'm pretty sure that's my a** on that card. How rude.

  2. oh my! such cute lovelies. the mom jeans card wins the prize! : )

  3. I have my eye on some pen and paint goodies thanks to you! :)

  4. you are hilarious! i always check the mail after naps too. it's never good mail, but every so often i'll get a little hand written blessing. i absolutely LOVE stationery! i have so much of it at home but don't write/send enuf...
    that mom jeans card is killer!

  5. i love all these. the mom jeans one! yesss. that first one has been in my favorites for months. need to get it already. or send it already. or frame it instead ;) hehe. i like getting mail too. sooo fun!

  6. don't worry, kaylee. that behind is all me.

    love all these finds. LOVE the usps one. and if i remember, i will comment links later :)

  7. oh my the mom jeans card... you have seen the mom jean SNL skit...?? so funnyyyyyy!!


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