Wednesday, August 8, 2012


almost every day looks the same for me.
let me give you a sneak peek.
wake up. nurse. drink 87 cups of coffee.
cammie naps, i do my make-up at the counter while miles plays cars.
cammie wakes up, cammie eats. cammie poops.  i get the kids ready for the day.
we hightail it out of the house for an hour until cammie naps.
i mean, cammie is on a 3 hour schedule.
so roughly every three hours she eats, and roughly every 1.5 hours after that, she sleeps.
and then she poops. and right when i'm done changing the diaper, she'll poop again.
so basically, our days revolve around that.

and in between that eating and sleeping and pooping that cammie jane so easily does,
there's a lot of disciplining.
i mean, i feel like i've talked a few times now about 
and by the end of the day, i feel like this naggy mom who continually says,
"miles, listen and obey. if you disobey again, you will go in time out. no more chances."
i'm sure every mom can understand. yes? please say yes.

but there are these moments every day.
like today, miles came over while i was putting on my mascara.
 and he wanted me to watch Curious George with him.
he tugged on my pants and pointed saying, "mommy! george!"  
so i sat on the ground and he sat on my lap.
and for 5 minutes of stillness, i got to smell him. and hold him. and love on my sweet boy.

and when i was bathing cammie jane tonight, she was little miss happy.
just cooing and laughing and smiling.
and her eyes were so big and shiny.

i realize that this exactly where i'm supposed to be in life.
and despite the hardships every day, i cling to those sweet moments.
the way cammie jane loves to stand on me and squeal.
and the way miles just learned how to say "love you" before bed.
those stolen moments every day - they make my heart ache with love.


  1. first of all i am saying YES.
    but the sweet moments are so worth the days struggles.

  2. Ahh yes, this is the life. Crazy, hard, long, wonderful, fulfilling, beautiful, sweet days.

    Trying to cling to the sweet moments each day.

  3. Please say yes? Yes. The disciplining is constant, exhausting, and so repetitive.

    Soak up those moments, girl, and I'll do the same.

  4. I'm glad you are getting some good moments in there friend. All your hard work is paying off. And they will happen more and more. I know it.

    Praying that the rest of the week is overflowing with good ones. :)

  5. um, YES.
    I have a 2 year old who gets disciplined so often and a baby (not really a baby anymore - 9 months) who is more demanding for feeding/napping and the days can sometimes wiz by.
    this toddler stage is nowhere near easy. thanks for being open and real about that!

  6. This season is SO hard, but I'm so happy that you're able to soak in the sweet in the midst of it.
    Store them up so you can pull them out when you need them, like when you feel like pulling out your hair. ;)

  7. yes, i totally understand! girl, i love the honesty you have here about your life - as a wife, a mom, everything. my friends act like they never have tough days with their kids and it makes me feel like such a failure some days. but parenting is HARD and i know everyone has tough days. and tough seasons. and we don't really talk about negative stuff in my family so if anything is ever going on with me as a mom or a wife, i just can't talk about it. it's exhausting. i just want to be honest and for others to be honest with me so i know i'm not alone in all of this. i totally have those days where i wonder if i could ever possibly handle another kiddo and then there are the days where every part of me aches for another baby. i'm just waiting for Him to let me know when i'm ready. you are doing awesome, mama!!

  8. cling to those moments with all of your might, at times they will be your life-line.

  9. yes!

    i'm a sponge soaking up these moments lately.
    they are fleeting.

  10. the sweetest! love that last picture. cammie's hair might have given me a good laugh. maybe ;)


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