Friday, August 24, 2012

oh hey, friday.

so glad you're here.

although, i will say...we made huge progress this week.
i am so proud of my little guy. he did so good obeying this week.
just a few little hiccups here and there. 
my heart gets so happy when he does so well!

i sent my mug swap box off to my partner.
i also received my mug. 
but i am not telling you any other details.
you'll have to wait. 
this week was a fun mail week.
and you know how i feel about mail.
godblesstheusps babyyyyyyyy!
a cute card from my bestie, my mug, a package from a dear friend with goodies for cammie.
and...wait for it...

a little coffee canvas hand painted by lindsay of pen&paint.
oh.em.gee. perfect addition to my little kitchen.
i almost said "addiction" instead of "addition."
and that would not have been far off. i have a slight addiction to lindsay and her work.

also. i love this picture.
i've been trying to teach miles how to say "sissy is my bff."
because i really have a desire for them to be close.

before i go watch who gets kicked out of the big brother house tonight::

please go check out my friend laura's blog.
lots of shops are donating items for you to win.
and $5 gets you one entry. 

you can read more about project hope here.
it is a ministry for families that have lost a baby. 
it is dear to my heart because of close friends that i know that have had miscarriages.
i love laura and love what she's doing.

i hope you have a great weekend!
be the reason someone smiles.


  1. i bought myself one of lindsay's painting for my birthday last year. i love it.

    "sissy is my bff" i love it. teach and train. holla!

  2. yay for miles obeying and fun mail!

  3. miles and cammie are to die for.

  4. hi! happy friday! mugswap's been cloggin' up my feeeeeed ;) looks like SO much fun!
    and..., hmmm. that's all i've got.

  5. Love the canvas, obviously love that mug swap box. They are totally gonna be BFFs.

  6. i just love that little canvas!! we have the same coffee maker so im kind of envisioning it in my house!

  7. perfect mugswap box.
    hooray for mail!!! i need to send some your way...
    the canvas. oh my heart, i want to marry all lindsay's work.
    my brothers and sister are my bff for reals. i think miles and cammie will be the same!

    also, so grateful for project hope. and you.
    this post made me paws for peace.

  8. I'm so glad that Miles is making progress! Way to go, little man!
    I have a feeling your kitchen is way cuter than mine.
    And I also plan on forcing my kids to be BFF's, whether they like it or not.

  9. if that canvas goes missing after i come visit, i assure you i'll have had nothing to do with it.


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