Tuesday, August 14, 2012


it appears to be time for another round of secrets.

>> i have some really fun and exciting things that i've been working on and i can't wait to tell you about them.

>> one of my closies, alisha, gave me a ticket to the justin bieber concert in october.
she got 2 for her birthday and gave me one.
[her name is NOT brian hernandez. she bought these off craig's list.]
i am 31 and admitting to you that i am very excited.

>> my MIL bought me this watch for the concert.
i will be wearing it obviously. i might even get us t-shirts to wear.

>> i enjoy looking for new fonts during naptime.
i'm shaking my head while writing this. i am so weird.

>> i have started to enjoy chevron just a smidge.
i do love these curtains.

>> i hate to complain on here and i know there is always, always someone that has it worse off than me.
and in the grand scheme of things, my life is really, really great.
but this season in life is just hard for me. i love my sweet boy to the max.
but he pushes every button i have. i try not to share too much about it because no one likes a broken record.
but i want to be real and say that i am really lonely in this period of life.
i sometimes feel like i'm drowning. and a lot of days i do everything i can to keep my head above water.
i wake up thinking, "let's survive today."
i feel lost a lot of days. and just wish there was a manual on exactly how to handle extremely active 2 year old boys.
i know i will get through it and that it is just a season.
but i also know that discipline and training take a lot of hard work.
i fail every day and learn something new every day. and i'm willing to put in the hard work for my child.
he is full of personality and full of sweetness. and i love him with my whole heart.
[you will not hear about this for awhile. i am done complaining.]

>> you know i am all about the US.
and this year, i really loved watching the olympics.
i was fascinated by everything.
but...omgosh, don't judge or anything...but i am kinda glad it's over.
it hogged my nights for a few weeks. and i need to go to bed earlier.
haters are gonna hate. and appreciators are gonna appreciate.

this is all my secrets for today.
please leave a secret for me in the comments.


  1. appreciators are gonna appreciate.
    true that.

    appreciating the real.
    and appreciating this statement:
    "and i'm willing to put in the hard work for my child."

    that is key.
    also, i think God likes it when we cry out to Him to just get through THIS day. sometimes i think it's ridiculous. sometimes i think it's brilliant. the good thing is HE knows what he is doing.

    bieber or bust.
    do you think miles temp the other day was just bieber fever?

  2. font nerd over here too. totally.

    i am SOO with you about feeling like you're drowning and trying to just survive the day. SO with you. i think there are a lot of us that feel that way, but i know what you mean- you don't want to complain all the time about something that should be so joyful and wonderful, i totally get that... but it does help to know someone else understands the daily grind and the frustration and the barely-getting-by that some days (most days) bring. i think a lot of it is probably our personalities are just a little different than those moms who relish every minute and couldn't complain about one thing if they tried. also, i've been trying to get myself more alone time which helps me stay sane. i had a nice loooong talk with my husband about it and let him know, so he's been really supportive of just coming home and randomly telling me to go to starbucks by myself for a few hours or whatever. it helps to have that to look forward to sometimes.

    anyway, that was a lot of info... but just know you're not alone in your loneliness ;)

  3. I can relate to your "complaining" so much I have tears. I am going through something very similar with my Caleb...he's 5 1/2. Some days I cry and currently I'm just at a lose. I love that kid with all my heart and God chose me for him so it must be something I (and you) can handle. It is hard and I too try not to complain, but it is overwhelming. I'll be praying for you and if I come across some good or helpful advice/readings I will send them your way :)

    Um, sad and not so sad about the Olympics. I stayed up way too late on too many nights.

    I just joined My Fitness Pal..eeekkk. Time to get in shape (other than round)! Shhh...

  4. ummm im glad the olympics are over....I didnt watch it at all. Im just not competitive, in any way shape or form. ANND Bravo was playing it alllll day and I was like "how can I watch the housewives"....lol
    No really I was pissed!

  5. I really wish you had a bestie named Brian Hernadez. She would obvi go by Alisha since that's an embarrassing name for a girl.

    I am so right there with you girl. Right there. Dusty is a teacher & started back yesterday. He also coaches soccer which means lots of days he leaves the house at 6am & doesn't get home until 10pm. Yesterday was one of those days. Once the kids went to bed (which didn't actually happen last night until after 9) I just collapsed & cried into the Psalms. We aren't alone & HE sustains us. I'm so thankful for that. Sending up prayers for you today!

  6. "and i'm willing to put in the hard work for my child" - that right there speaks volume! It's hard but it's so worth it! It gets easier, I promise!

    I'm so glad the Olympics are over too! My husband would laugh at me every night for staying up so late. I'm so glad to not be so tired now.

    I'm having a hard time coming up with a secret to share with you. Nothing compares to the Biebs!

  7. Oh Katy you are so right parenting is HARD FREAKING WORK!!! Every day EVERY parent fails at something but being willing to admit that we fail and then changing that is the greatest gift we can give our kids. I will add you to my prayer list for wisdom, and peace in your parenting your precious boy.
    awwwwwww and a secret well pretty much everything is these days with taking my blog down but i did get a tattoo!!! WHAT!!! OMG!!! YEPPERS I did!! :p I didn't tell a soul I was doing it and the Mister and I went and got one together. It was a pretty awesome date night!!

  8. my secrets aren't appropriate for comment sections for anyone to read:)

  9. Amen to the lonely and drowning feeling.
    At least we can all be in it together:)
    How about we buy a group boat to eliminate the drowning.

    A secret. Let's see....well. Mine has to do with lonliness. We live in the middle of NOWHERE. No joke. In the trees. And I told my husband sometimes I feel like I live in prison of trees. Who even says that. So yeah. Here's the secret. Every afternoon while my kids nap I get on my knees and pray the Lord would move us back to the city...away from the trees. Crazy .. but true:)

    Wish we were neighbors:) Here's to a better week!!!!

    1. yes, amen. i don't necessarily live in the trees but i recently moved from the big city to a tiny little town. i pray the very same thing to God. it is so lonely here. i was just telling my husband last night that i NEED to see people on a daily basis. and i'm happy if that person is the checkout person at the grocery store.

  10. when you're oldest is 2 and you have another baby, you are at peak lonely stage. promise it'll get better.....esp once your kiddos start school and you have an instant 'network' of people in your life. i remember being totes lonely back when.
    my secret? i still think the hansen brothers' 'mmm bop' song rocks. seriously, why is that not still on the radio.....
    <3 <3 <3

  11. hilarious post, katy! loved it.
    i remember the difficulty with wilder when he was in the age 2 to almost 3 range. also the first half of age 3. and like right now. ha. it is SOOOO hard to stay consistent. my problem is ignoring the issue...cuz i don't want to overdo it. i feel lonely right now, too...
    what cool fun things are you working on? i am curious.
    you know all my secrets.

  12. I have a strong willed little guy as well. You should look to see if there is a MOPS group in your area. It was life changing for me when I joined one. :)

    Best of luck!

  13. i do not think you are complaining. the great thing about this online community is having other moms around you for encouragement, advice, and love. i have no advice for you because we are in the same boat here (except i only have on kiddo to deal with). but i do think you are right i knowing this is just a season and it's HARD work but it's worth it to invest in our kids. you are building the foundation for him to grow into a respectable, Godly man and that's not always and easy task. just keep on doing what you are doing and leaning on the Lord and He will carry you through. and you also have a ton of great moms to turn to in real life and virtually. i myself have emailed you knowing you went through some things with miles that i was going through with my son and your words of encouragement were just what i needed at that time. praying for you :)

  14. i love how you love so deeply. that alone makes you a phenomenal mom. thank god there is new grace each day.

    i don't know a single beibs song. don't hate.

    it's not a secret that i'm lonely. it has been super hard making friends here. it makes me really sad that ashlynn doesn't have her friends around.
    like reallyyyyyy sad.

  15. I didn't know you were going to the Justin Bieber concert!
    My secret is I would love to go and I am way old.

  16. Also, I love how you share your heart....and that you are
    honest and transparent....

  17. I can't remember where I found your blog (either through Ten on Ten or on Beautifully Rooted) but I love your honesty and your photos.

    And you're definitely NOT weird for going on font hunts. Fonts are my weakness. Especially anything and everything calligraphy-related.

    And my secret? Hmm...how about that I never went to one high school dance. Not even prom. Or that it's been probably ten years since I've worn/tried on a dress (I'm in college and I only decided to try on a dress this past spring).

    You've definitely inspired me to write a similar-themed post. They're kinda fun. In an odd way. :)

  18. I hate the color purple. Like really, dislike mucho.

    1. i can't believe you would say that when my justin bieber watch is purple.

    2. i feel offended by this. i enjoy purple greatly.

  19. it's mostly green I feel. me likey green.

  20. we already talked about this, but it was great reading this again.
    i am lonely too. grateful for friends who can relate. love you!
    ps i read psalm 107 this morning, always good!! xo


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