Thursday, August 9, 2012

state pride seems to be the thang these days.
and there is a lot of cali cal stuff out there. 
which works out perfectly for me since i am from california.
i also love it because my bestie is from virginia so i'm always on the look out for state stuff.
since there is an entire country between us and all.
coast to coast. hand to hand. heart to heart.

anyway. here are some sweet california etsy finds i've had my eyes on.

you know what i DON'T love about california right now?
it is going to be 110 this weekend.
one freaking ten.
to the beach we go.


  1. I love state stuff. Although, I prefer Kentucky. You should probable come here. Just sayin'.

  2. I have never been to cali...!? Crazy I know ... maybe for a few lay overs but never visited ... I need to get there asap!!

    We are finally in the 90's feel great! Boo to 100 + but at least you have a beach!? :) No beaches in MO just gross lake water lol

  3. Love all the Cali pride. Around here it's Okie pride so I'm going to have to check out all those shops! Thanks for sharing the links.

  4. Take me with you.
    I need that pillow.

  5. CUTE cali stuff! i don't live there, but i want pretty much all this stuff.

  6. i love all things california.
    except how big and far away you are.
    magical highway. zero red lights. pronto.

  7. I love everything!! I love how each coastline is a slightly different interpretation but it's still distinctly california!

  8. #1. I love all things Nan.

    #2. That Cali tee is adorbs.


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