Friday, August 10, 2012

ten on ten :: august edition

it is 108.
so. i mean, my day wasn't that exciting.
don't get your hopes up.

eight o'clock
coffee time.
never comes soon enough.

nine o'clock
train time.

ten o'clock:
bro/sis time.

eleven o'clock:
snack time & bow time.

twelve o'clock:
sandwich without crust time.

one o'clock:
nap time.
work time.
[wanna know what i'm working on? it's a surprise. 
a new adventure, if you will.
come back wednesday to find out.]

two o'clock:
water in my hope sippy time.
reading time.
a little bit of silence time.
trains everywhere time.
they should have been in every shot.

three o'clock:
wake up time.
happy time.

four o'clock:
102 fever for a little two year old time.
out of no where.
so. now it's unhappy time.

five o'clock:
tired time.
hungry time.
broiled garlic bread time.

thanks for hanging out with me.
i'm linking up with rebekah.
you should too.
it is one of my favorite posts all month.

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  1. shoot.
    missed it again.

    broiled garlic bread is my favorite.

  2. so sorry about the lil fever! no fun! but cammie is all dolled up in a bow, so that is a plus:)

  3. the back to back miles and cammie shots just melted my heart. or its the 110 degrees.
    but i'm pretty sure its miles and cammie.

    also. 102 degree fever, not cool.
    fight it miles, fight it.

  4. Oh I missed it this month! Your kiddos are so cute. Love the picture of your little guy getting up.

  5. gorgeous with the black and white. good choice.
    love all these sweet times...minus fever time :(
    i am lame, i decided not to participate this month.

    ps can't wait to see what's up on wednesday!?! xo

  6. Okay, that 10am pic needs to be blown up and framed. And are you making prrrrrrrints????

  7. time for me to learn to like coffee...might help with the lack of sleep...reminds me i need the name of that book:)

    time for you to move so Elijah and Miles can have a play date building the biggest train tracks ever.

    time to get your kids into modeling

    time to send me some bows...

    time to start teaching our kiddos to eat the crust so we have one less step at lunch time:)

    time for wednesday to get here.

    time for me to find a good book to read...and get a hope sippy.

    time to paint me some strips...walls are boring over here.

    time for the fever to lift.

    time for me to make some bread myself...mouth is watering.

  8. love it. maybe i'll do it next time... of course soon my view will just be of the same 33 kids for 8 hours a day. boo.

    also. when it cools down lets have coffee together. m'kay? cool.

  9. super cute set!
    your babies are adorbs!

  10. i love when you do these posts.

  11. I can't believe all that Cammie hair. It's so awesome. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised...she's your daughter.

    Excited to hear about this new adventure!

  12. Yum, that broiled garlic bread looks delicious! Your two little ones are so cute! And I love that lunchtime no-crust photo, it screams childhood memories for me. :)

  13. Ahh, the train days. Lived them well...and I'm still alive. Now we've moved onto cars. Love the bro/sis must be framed pronto. Hope your little man is feeling better.

  14. i love that cammie is always wearing a bow.
    and also, i think bro/sis time is the cutest.


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