Sunday, August 5, 2012

weekend eights.

seven was one too few this week, folks.
i took the kids to my mom's from wednesday until sunday this week.
we had a blast and laughed a lot and made some lasting memories.
here are eight highlights.

1. scared out of my mind to make the 4 hour trip by myself with two kids.
it ended up being awesome.
they both fell asleep like 20 minutes in and slept the rest of the way.
and i accidentally made it in 3 and a half hours. i have NO idea how that happened.

miles is all "hey, i don't know you. and this is crazy."

2. oh there's sister/aunty.
totes normal for her.

 3. on thursday we took miles to a little amusement park for kids, if you will, called happy hallow.
it was so fun and i can't wait til he's a year older and doesn't get as tired in the middle of the day.
i paid $5 for those pics and it was worth every penny.

4. oh hey, friday.
so glad you're over with.
that's all i have to say about that.

5. okay. so all we really wanted was a starbucks across the parking lot.
so we loaded the kids in the shopping carts and started walking, totally unaware of anything around us.
here we were in the middle of the street and our carts come to screeching halts.
cars are all around us waiting for us and we are just laughing so hard.
my mom was able to get hers out of the way, but mine wouldn't budge.
i was laughing so hard trying to explain to the waiting cars that we had accidentally left the target perimeters.
one guy was ticked at me and said "get a new cart!"
and i was like, "yo, dude. it's not the cart, fool!"
and then this nice man got out of his car and helped me carry my cart back over to the target side.
6. saw kim and jess yesterday.
more to come on that.

7. and then we went home.
and miles fell asleep right away.
and then watched toy story on repeat three times in a row.
there is a snake in woody's boot, y'all. i promise. i heard it every hour.

and this is the kind of convo scooter and i have on a regular basis.
god bless the US!
8. and just for kicks and a new print from yellow heart art.
sits right by my desk where i do all my designing. 

also! i am over at beautifully rooted today talking about my favorite chicken salad.


  1. I laughed out loud at the Target shopping cart situation. Sorry that happened to you, but thanks for sharing so that I could giggle.

  2. can not believe the monkey pic. i forgot about that. how did you photoshop those monkeys up my nose?! ;)

  3. you're a cart stealer with very pretty hair

  4. eight ISSSS great.
    fo reals.
    also you visiting is great.
    and you retelling your shopping cart story in person without being able to breathe is great.

    i will pay an ungodly amount of money for any photobooth photo op.
    so...lets put that on our agenda next time. when we meet up in SF :)

  5. Oh that crying face. It's so cute when it's not your child making it.

  6. locking carts?! i wish i could have seen that! hilarious!
    love the photobooth shots:)
    also, you are beautiful.

  7. Loved all 8! So glad you had a pretty smooth trip with sleeping little ones. You.are.a.toy!! I would have laughed so hard if I was in the same Target cart situation!!

  8. I feel like we were #8. And I feel special. And I feel like you should vlog about the cart story.

  9. So glad you didn't get arrested or hit by a car trying to steal the Target cart. That would have been embarrassing. xoxo

  10. oh good lord that cart incident would have made me pee my pants.
    i think you deserve a crown for driving that far by yourself. i'm too scared to try.
    and that pear salad sounds so good, i am totally going to try that asap.

  11. The cart thing is AWESOME. Okay now get a sidebar thing so I can subscribe. THANKYOUVERYMUCH.


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