Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend seven.

saw my friend jessica.
i just love her.
she lives in idaho and was here visiting.
i would not let her out of my sight if she lived here.

peace out 109.
hello 85 at the beach.

happy baby, sleeping kid on the way there.

not so much on the way back.
i cannot look directly at the picture of cammie.
it personally gives me a scare.

miles loves feeding the animals at the barn.
he shouts "moooooo!" to every animal at the top of his lungs.

highlight of his life.
tractor ride with dad.
where he said, "tractor! tractor! tractor!" the whole time.
scott was kinda embarrassed. haha.

took the kids swimming yesterday.
cammie jane got to wear her tankini.
it felt like bath water.

love her face.

i added another print to my etsy shop to support hope 4 sudan!
it is $7. when you order, i send you the file. you print wherever you want.
i got some printed at kinko's last night and it was super easy and great quality.

all proceeds go to support hope 4 sudan.

i hope you had a great weekend.


  1. katy. you rock.
    here's the deal. i always love weekend 7's.
    because you have 7 amazings.

    cammie is so scandalosh in that two piece. :) i love it.

    i feel like next trip to the barn you need video footage of miles. mooing and tractoring.

    also. take me with you.

  2. omg. cammie's wide-eyed cry pic made me LOL. hi-larious.
    audrey's staring at me, waiting for me to get her a pickle.
    i can't comment in these conditions.

    p.s. it's so friggin HOT. i'm dying. had to tell someone. audrey doesn't care.

  3. Ohmygoodness that picture of Cammie on the way home from the beach. I think I just pulled a muscle whilst laughing. I'm sorry for your pain, but I'm not sorry Steve Jobs created a way for you to capture that face. Thank you iPhones.

  4. katygirl. i think i found jessica's blog through you, and she is the best.
    hooray for friends!
    the "scary" cammie pic. i can't stop looking at it. THE BEST. hahaha
    your family is beautiful. and i echo kim and say, video please. and take me with y'all, obvi.

    love your face.

  5. I have that shirt.
    The barn = amazing. My boys still love going there.

  6. cracking up at cammie jane's face. please enter that pic in some kind of contest, i'm not sure what kind of contest...but surely it would win.

  7. Yea for seeing Jess! And cammie kills me with her cuteness.

  8. oh that pic of cammie is a hoot..had she finished crying? and her tankini is too too cute! your hair looks purdy..

  9. love that i got to see you. love the pics of the kids. love the new print.

  10. oh, I remember car rides like that.
    gives me hives just thinking about it.

  11. oh, your hair is always so pretty!! my is flat, fine, and straight as a board. i love the pics of cammie in her tankini! the story of miles totally made me lol because that's exactly what my son would have done - tractor! tractor! tractor!

    have a great week!!

  12. Hey I'm from Idaho too! I went over and introduced myself to your friend. :)


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