Tuesday, August 21, 2012

weekend sevens.

1. sometimes on saturday mornings we go garage sale-ing.
even if we don't buy anything, which this weekend we didn't, it is still super fun.

2. we usually go to panera and pick up breakfast sandwiches and coffee drinks.
this particular saturday:
there was a really strange bike.
my egg sandwich was bomb.
my daughter slept peacefully.
we saw the SMALLEST garage sale sign i've ever seen.
and we listened to coldplay. like we do every week.
i get tired of coldplay. but scott loves it. so i comply.

3. this kid.
kills me.

4. we worked on tons of house projects this weekend.

5. blew up my favorite picture.
painted a sign and hung it above my cabinets.
painted the toy chest. and added chalkboard paint to the top.
hung a cute print on the front door.
[picture is from here.]

6. my world.

7. my MIL came down on sunday to hang out with us.
we went to the mall on the day before school started. neverrrrrrrrr again.
and then when we got home, she sent scott and me out for an hour.
we went to panera and played skipbo. 
scott won. but that's okay. it was my favorite part of the weekend.


  1. fun times :) you did som fuuuun projects. love your stripey wall...you've got some fun stuff goin over there!

  2. i love your decor!! sounds like the perfect weekend.

  3. Wow; so productive! I love your little house projects. They always inspire me to do my own. I wish I actually did them, though, instead of just planning them in my head. :)

  4. I hope you love me, because I'm copying that sign.
    and your kitchen hutch set up.
    and probably your saturday morning thing too.

  5. yay for grandparents willing to watch kids so we can go on dates. love the diy projects...will you come do some for me? and garage sales rock in idaho so you should come up here next saturday. mkay?

  6. You were way more productive than me! :) Love the sign above your cabinets...wishing I had a space like that but I think I could find another spot that would work...you inspire me! It was great to see you the other day! Your kiddos are so cute!!!

  7. Love your home! They picture you blew up of your kids is so cute...I love the frame! And the sign in your kitchen I need that.
    Have a great day!

  8. i want to go to panera with you. and i'm not kidding about that.

    so thankful that your MIL was able to visit and give you and the scottster a little time to make out. i mean play skip bo.

  9. umm i love your led by mercy sign.

  10. ahh, grandma's are the best. bless her for giving you guys some time alone!

    p.s. if i ever came to your house i would be forced to steal all of your amazing stuff. that is just a fact.

  11. what a good weekend!
    i'm going to need some details on the blowing up of the photo.
    please and thank you.

  12. love everything about this post. esp. the house projects & the cute pics of the kiddos. they get cuter every day! and the chest came out so good! and i love the sign above the cabinets. and i'm done.

  13. oh, how i miss panera.
    i love every single bit of this.
    and coldplay? i don't tire of them either. happy to know you can tolerate people like me :)
    i love you.

  14. i really like the touches of individuality around your home. so pretty.

    mall + the day before school = YIKES!

    i hear you are the kiss the sky winner! email me at jonesidosio@sti.net with details to send your print to.

    btw- i loved your suggestion for a print, psalm 63:3 IS MY FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE! i know it will be a print someday.

  15. aggggggghhhh! love your DIY's!!!!!

  16. is that some time of ford stereo i see? a focus perhaps? focuses are the coolest cars in existence, actually.

    also, your family is gorgeous.

    and also, you are creative and awesome.

    yea, that about covers it.

  17. Sweet post. I enjoyed the everyday life of your beautiful family!

  18. send me that sign ASAP. thank you.


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