Tuesday, August 7, 2012

you guys.

i got to see my good friends kim & jessica on saturday.
we had been talking about our day together for a couple months and we counted down every day.
i met kim for the first time at blog sugar.
if i met any of you at blog sugar :: please disregard. i was sicker than i've ever been 
because i was secretly pregnant with cammie and could barely even talk. 
anyway, moving on.

they're the kind of friends you just feel super comfortable around.
it was only the second time really hanging out, but it sure didn't feel like it. 
it felt like we've known each other for years.
we had great conversation and laughed so hard so many times.

we hung out at kim's house for awhile.
she had a great spread of snacks for us and USA napkins.
god bless the US and all that.
then we went downtown and ate at this awesome little restaurant.
jess had to sit in miles' booster seat on the way there. and cammie cried all day so she had to console her.
we took pictures of everything we did like good bloggers do.

it was just an amazing day.
i can't wait to do it again.
i love those girls so much and am really thankful for their friendships.

also :: bottom left picture is to say this ---
you have one day left to sign up for the mugswap.
over 200 people have signed up so far. 
how fun is that?!
don't be the one that doesn't do it.

thanks for having me.
i had a great time.
and i love you guys.


  1. good friends are the best.

    200 people...holla!

  2. katy.
    i am so glad that i'm real life friends with BOTH of you guys.
    i'm glad you had a great time.
    i think cammie was only sad because she knew the visit was going to be short.
    i am also glad you came so we had an excuse to go to B St. & Vine.

    and i'm glad we are real life friends.
    did i say that already?

  3. you guysssss. i love you more. and i wish you were still here. and that we had stayed up all night chatting. time went WAYYYY faster than ideal. i feel like i wish we could trade places with not-so-child bride and cufflinks. because i think their time went pretty slow.

  4. this looks amazing. god bless the blogging world that gives us deep, meaningful relationships. amen.

  5. Well you guys are all pretty special and it's no wonder God brought you together. There's nothing like genuine friendships!!

  6. Your pictures & commentary do not include crazy accessory 1st date guy...I'm disappointed.

    Also, I need your hair on my head.

  7. such a gift!
    love the photos. you three, well, you may be my fave people.
    and happy to hear y'all are proud americans.

  8. oh i'm so glad you girlies got to hang out together. i'm itchin to get in touch with some bloggers, IN REAL LIFE.

  9. i'm so happy you got some girl time with the ladies.

  10. I wish I lived near you. I mean I don't want to live in California. No offense. But I do wish I could do stuff like this.


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