Thursday, September 20, 2012


okay. so.
a few months ago i talked about arrows.
and how they're my obsession right now.
well, one of them, i guess. 
and then all of the sudden they started popping up all over etsy.
and i have to turn away or else my paypal account will drain in 2.2 secs.
i feel like some of you shops out there [not saying names, lindsay] know i love arrows and do it to me on purpose.

anyway, here are some arrow items that i sure do love.

i will also gladly take the wall behind.

this is what i'm talking about. rude.

if i don't get this for christmas, something will happen to someone.

cammie needs.

cutest cards.

visit here for more arrow ideas.


  1. why do arrows strike my heart so much?
    love them.
    and that wall.
    so cool.

  2. just wait. alison and i have something cray planned with arrows. you're gonna go bananas. b a n a n a s.

    1. well, now i am on the edge of my seat, yo.

  3. chevron was an "in" thing that i couldn't love. arrows on the other hand...

  4. ...or something will happen to someone!

  5. i feel like all of these are already in my faves, but still, they make me all fluttery. one of each please!

  6. so fun. i love these etsy posts of yours.
    i have officially banned myself from etsy though.
    i have no self control.

  7. love, love, love.
    ^^^ & I agree with molly, I have zero self control when it comes to awesome handmade finds!


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