Wednesday, September 19, 2012

camden jane :: five months

well hey there, my little peanut girl.
you are the sweetest & happiest little 5-month-old-baby i know.
you are always just full of smiles & giggles.
until i drop you off at church nursery.
then you scream & cry until i come back to pick you up.

but that's okay.
i'll take it.

you change my life every day.
i love you, cammie jane.


  1. time is flying. happy 5th month cammie. xxO

  2. she is getting more and more amazing each month.
    look at that SMILE!
    and those toes.
    and those LEGWARMERS. :)

    i cant wait to snuggle her.

  3. i'm not sure what i love more...
    her smily face, those leg warmers, or the bow in her fluffy hair.
    she's the sweetest!!

  4. haha aww she looks super giggly and happy- you have a very sweet baby :)

  5. she's getting so BIG! sigh. and i love that she has fluffy hair like eden. the besssst.

  6. love this girl. and those polka dot baby legs are the jam.

  7. do you get weird stares from your neighbors when you haul that chair out in the street?
    'cause i totally have.
    i want to smooch her. she looks like pure sugar.

  8. she is so so so adorable! eeee! love her little leg warmers. little baby rolls are the best.


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