Thursday, September 27, 2012


 listen. it is currently 93 degrees.
the high for the next 5 days is anywhere between 95-99 degrees.
fall is not in the air here. not at all, really.
scott has lit a fall candle every night with high hopes.
the only thing that flame does is make this house even more hot.
well, not really. our air conditioner is always at a cool 78.
all i'm asking is for flannel sheets and down blankets.
i feel like at the beginning of october, that is not too much to ask.

so i will live vicariously through these fallish things.


  1. it's a little too hot here too and it's not even close to 93! sorry :( hopefully it cools off soon!

  2. so we are currently encased in fog right now.
    but it's supposed to be 80 degrees by this afternoon.
    explain that to me.

    also. bako you need to CHILL OUT. ASAP.

  3. Oh lovely! Great finds! Thanks so much for including my boot cuffs :)

  4. Cuuuuute! Thank you for putting the print in there. My sister made me boot cuffs and I'm obsessed.... But have yet to wear them on this tropical island;)

  5. what a darling hello fall banner. i've been working on creating one myself. i think it will be ready by winter... which is likely when fall will finally make an appearance.

  6. great finds as always! love the leggin's

  7. well, you sure make me feel fancy.
    love these finds. that banner, i need it.
    hoping you get autumn soon! you should pop out here for a quick visit, plenty of fall here :)

  8. fantastic.
    i'm sorry, but 93* kind of makes me want to puke.

  9. Pretty fall finds! Thanks for including my PUMPKINS cards!

  10. I'm pretty wild about those crocheted boot cuffs. I've got my sister making me some in about a dozen different colors (for real). Can't wait to be able to wear them!


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