Friday, September 21, 2012


friday: you took too long this week to get here.
please don't do that to me again.
here are some fun things going on:

i added new prints to the shop!

thank you to everyone that has bought from me! it has been so much fun so far!
i plan on continuing to add every couple of weeks. 
and then of course, i'll have a sale!

from now until monday night, use the code KATYGIRL20 for 20% off your purchase!

some fun links i've found lately:

i want to try this frozen hot chocolate that carissa blogged about.

one of my favorite posts i've read in a really, really long time.

are you getting your pinterTest on? you don't want to miss the year anniversary.
i think i know what i'm going to make but i haven't narrowed it down yet.


a few of my favorite pics with my kids this week:

now. i am going to go enjoy the weekend.
we are doing projects around the house and getting ready for out of town company.
two weekends in a row we have FUN guests. can't wait!
what are you up to?

well, besides shopping. ;)


  1. love that print! happy weekend! we're celebrating birthdays this weekend over here :)

  2. love it all.
    especially the sweetie photos of y'all.

  3. boom! ordered! which you know. :)

    the pics of you and cammie are KILLING ME. cutest EVER.
    and i love miles smile. :)
    me and him have matching gaps ;)


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