Tuesday, September 25, 2012



started reading harry potter.
love it. love it so much.
wish i had more time to read.
christie is hounding me to finish so we can watch the movie.


girlfriend had some CRAY CRAY hair the other day.


i started going to a new bible study with BSF. 
we are studying genesis.
i love it because i have read genesis a few times now but not like this.
and when i see things like this sunset, i look at it differently now.
i feel like the Lord had (and still has) such an intricate plan for every little detail of his creation.


invited oxford trunk to my arm party with their wrap bracelet.


saturday morning we woke up early to go garage sale-ing.
there was this gorgeous sky over our house so i wanted to take a picture.
when i opened the door i realized i forgot to turn our alarm off.
so i basically woke up our entire neighborhood at 6:30am.
after we calmed miles down, i went outside to take a pic of the sunrise.
clearly, it made a very beautiful picture.
oh. you can't see the sunrise? oh.


true friends read your blog posts.


scotty and i have been working on these canvases for our bedroom for a few weeks.
finally hung them and it was a lot of fun to see the vision come to life!
this is a terrible picture but i can't retake one right now because it's dark and i'm too tired.
more to come soon!


thank you to everyone who bought a print from me during the sale!
this isn't even half of them - i so appreciate you.
i am looking forward to designing more! i have loved it.


 the other day we went to target (shocker!) and miles begged me to put cammie on his lap.
i did for like 30 secs so i could snap a picture.
a few things to note:
1. took the pics in front of the bra section, obviously.
2. clearly the photo sesh didn't start well or end well.
3. broken iphone photos are so clear.

also. miles loves his little sister so much. he gets down on the ground all day to talk to her.
today he put his head next to hers and she put her hand on his face.
it was so sweet; he was loving every second.
then she grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled so hard.
he cried and cried and cried and i silently laughed while holding him.


be still my heart.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your kids are too precious for words!! And HP...my favorite books ever. Ever. I have reread them more times than I should admit at my age. Also, one of my friends just invited me to a BSF meeting. Funny to read about it just a couple of days later. Lindsay (@penandpaint) spoke so highly of you over the craft weekend that I had to come check out your blog, so glad I did! Love your shop too!

  2. Such adorable kids!!!

    The canvases are awesome. What a neat idea!

  3. #10 used to happen here everyday

    And then one night I thought I'd "trim" my sons hair while my hubby was at college.
    (I don't usually do the trimming, I was trying to HELP the hubs)

    Didn't realize there was no clip on the razor....totally buzzed ALL my sons hair off!!!!!

    I cried. A lot.

  4. you are fun...i woulda laughed at the hair pull too.

    also, what's BSF?

  5. HP! you love it! i'm so happy...and how did this miss the text messages the other day? the canvas...amazing. Miles and Cammie...perfection. love the bracelets....love it all.

  6. I feel like I need to comment on every since picture, but I won't since writing my own blog post in your comments is a little weird.

    I like you. Your kids are adorbs. That's all I'll say.

  7. i feel the same way cory does.
    but here we go anyway....

    1. we discussed.
    2. i would like to try to give cammie a run for her money in the crazy hair dept.
    3. i love this story. sunsets and sky parties are my most favorite gift from God. expect to see a lot of them on my IG feed in the next few weeks. tis the season.
    4. i might arm party soon. MIGHT.
    5. this is hilarious.
    6. i was kind of embarrassed to buy them. like. a LOT.
    7. i totally thought that was made out of wood. CANVAS?!? So cool. That's gonna look SO good on dateline.
    8. YESSSSSSS!!!!
    9. this is all kinds of awesome. and actually had a photoshoot in front of the bra section once. kinda funny when i got home and realized. hahahaha.
    10. i'm ready to squeeze them.


    10 is a magic #!

  8. i miss my niece and nephew. also, cool sunrise photo.

  9. I am studying Genesis right now too!! (Beth Moore Patriarchs study). I have learned so much more than I thought!! I love that there is always more to learn, even when it comes to the more "familiar" stories. God is amazing! :)

  10. The sunrises and sunsets have been epic lately. I love that miles wanted camie on his lap.

  11. love all of the things on your list girl. :) made me laugh and smile!

  12. wonderful post again, sistah! i still laugh about the bic pen post. and your sunrise pic where we can't see the sunrise? HAHAHA! for cute sibs pics, see my post today. can't handle it.

  13. love this post.
    genesis study is so awesome, SUCH rich beginning of the lord's faithfulness. love it so much.
    your children. gorgeous.
    also, harry potter, fave. listen, i can't handle the books, i've asked for the audiobook as a gift! those i can deal with.
    i have trouble sticking with books that aren't super hard to read. so weird and nerdy, i know. so sue me.
    we love the hell out of the stories! the movies are perfect. we will start them when i get home from lp and finish by halloween.
    aren't you glad i left this rambling comment?

  14. HARRY POTTER!!!!! so glad you gave into the awesome.

    that skyparty??? fantastic!

    and, once again, your kids are too cute for their own good.

  15. i feel so happy about the harry sitch.

    also, i hope you write lots of juicy stuff in your diary with those lady pens.


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