Tuesday, September 11, 2012

on why i like katniss.

i know, i know.
i hate the hype and here i am writing about these books.
i promise i will not keep blogging about this.
i'm not like that.
i just have a few things to say.

there are three things that i love about katniss.
three things that i learned from her, if you will.

1. arrows are cool.

2. braids are cool.

3. she had her head screwed on straight.
most of the time.

hear me out.

if you haven't read the books and are planning to...you might not want to read this. 
i'm gonna spoil.

i heard very mixed reviews on the 3rd book in this trilogy.
some people loved it. 
some people really hated it.
i went into it a tad bummed and not knowing what to expect.
but i had to know the ending.
and listen up...I LOVED THE ENDING.
don't get me wrong...it was sad.
it was really, really sad.
and throughout the book, i kept wondering, is this whole thing about people dying?
and a lot of it was about that.
you get to the end of this tragic story expecting a tragic ending.

but instead i felt hopeful.

this is why:

i think the reason i loved the ending so much is that life is not a bowl of cherries all the time.
it's not always rainbows and butterflies.
and there are a lot of days where you just survive.
and not everything has a happy ending.
most things don't, actually.
most of us have a lot of tragedy in our lives.

but it goes on...
and the thing that made me cry for a long time after i turned the final page was the fact that Jesus offers rebirth instead of destruction.
he offers the promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses.
he offers the dandelion in the spring after a brutally cold winter.

he offers a life that CAN be good again.
and when i read the ending of the book, i realized that in some ways, even though those books are crazy unrealistic, 
they made me take a deep breath when i was done and say, "i need that dandelion, too."

listen. i'm not gonna stop shaving my legs and go buy a flaming bow & arrow.
i'm not gonna wish katniss & peeta were real.
i may never read these books again and i'll probably forget majority of the story line in a few months.
but contrary to a lot of opinions i heard about the 3rd book >> i loved it.
i had a big smile on my face and a full heart the rest of the night.

because Jesus offers us rebirth in a world of destruction.
and those odds are ever in my favor.


  1. This post is a favorite for a few reasons:
    1. Arrows and braids are amazing. Obviously.
    2. I loved the ending.
    3. And mostly because I am do blessed by your depth and perspective. I love you.
    Oh. And welcome.

  2. YES! I love this post! I enjoyed the ending too, and you totally put into words why :)
    also, arrows are super cool.

  3. Love that you brought it back to Jesus. So great.

    Also, please stop shaving your legs & become a bow & arrow beast. Please.

    Also also, Peeta is real. We went to the same high school.

  4. braids, arrows. amen.

    also, glad you got saved reading this:)
    funny how the lord speaks and lifts up his children through any silly thing he wants.
    there are many songs and books that have this affect on my heart, drawing me to HIM. when i doubt that was the intention of the artist, you know?

    anyway, i really like you. and i want you to post some braid pics. because i totes know you have been braiding your hair.

  5. So impressed with the parallel here. Very cool my friend. Also I'm glad there is somebody else out there that loved the ending. It was just so real. It was just right for the whole journey that they went though to get there.

  6. on why i like you: posts like this.
    also. i will confess something.
    i haven't cut my hair in a really long time because i can just now pull it into a sidebraid.

  7. So very true. All of it.
    Thank you for being level headed about the hype :)
    I appreciate that.

  8. Really awesome post. I loved the trilogy but never thought about it as it relates to God's saving grace. What a wonderful parallel!! Mind if I repost what you've said on my blog sometime (explanationrequired.blogspot.com), giving due credit of course?

  9. I wasn't a fan of book 3. Not because of the ending but because I felt like it was hurried. Like she was saying "Shoot. I started this third book and now I need to figure out a way to close the story. Boom - The End."
    I LOVE your perspective on this! Christians (in general) love to make anything popular with secular culture controversial among the church. I've read a lot of articles on why we shouldn't be reading or watching the Hunger Games. I haven't come across anyone who saw it the way you did and that kind of makes me sad. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Um I love this post katy. it pretty much sums up the way i felt when i finished the series. we all need a dandelion. REAL.

  11. thank you for finding ways to make everything about jesus. it's inspirational for a girl like me. :)

    1. Oh girl. Trust me. I make a lot of things not about Jesus. Like all day. Haha

  12. what? kaniss and peeta not real? well. peeta is real. and he's small. and he will fit nicely into my new clutch--even better than a bow and arrow would.

    i loved loved loved the ending. all i wanted the whole series was for peeta and katniss to get married and have babies. happy sigh.

    loved your deep analysis.

  13. well i feel dumb for saying i hated the last book!

    1. no need to feel bad! it's fine to hate it! this was just my opinion. ;)

  14. but now i don't hate it as much- i had never made that connection you did! :)

  15. Peeta --- shmeeta! I loved Gale & that's all I will ever say about these books that I LOVED. Katy, this was such great encouragement in my part of the world today. Love that quote and love even more that Jesus is grace and hope.

  16. i love/hated the last book. the whole series was just so sad that it put me in a funk, but i was totally cool with the ending.

  17. My daughter linked to this post today...so here I am visiting. Excellent post. Love the connection...love dandelions too!

  18. love your perspective on the ending, it wasn't what we all wanted with a "happy ending" but it was realistic! braids and arrows are totally awesome too :)

  19. wasn't the biggest fan of the 3rd book (I agree with Kelly up there ^^, it felt rushed), but I appreciated this post anyway. :)

  20. Love this! Such a great perspective :) I loved the third book, too. It was sad, but I think it ended perfectly. xoxo

  21. I love your input + perspective on this series. Especially how that excerpt relates to our relationship with Jesus.

    I might just have to find that part in the book and type it up + frame it in my room.

    And yes, braids are the best. :)

  22. i will confess. I only read the first book. But totally saw the spiritual parallels. Mostly in Katniss taking her sister's place. Like Jesus took our place. Jesus likes side braids, too. I know He does.


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