Thursday, September 13, 2012

rainbows make me happy.
the colors are just cheerful.
don't you think?
here are some fun rainbow finds from this week.


  1. whoa, these really are fun! i lOVE the nametags. and the funny thing is, i'm not typically that huge of a color fan but i need these nametags now. don't know what i will use them for, but i'll find a reason!


  2. I want ALL of the tape from Pretty Tape.

    Also, when I look at your new favorites throughout the week, I always try to guess what you're going to post next. Fun!

  3. Aww, girl! thanks for including me in the rainbow love! Have a great weekend!!

  4. so cute! I love the twine especially!

  5. great finds as I just need to think of a reason that would make me NEED those hello tags!


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