Wednesday, September 5, 2012

something new.

i opened an etsy shop a few months back to help support Hope 4 Sudan.
i made a few printables and sold 25 prints in just a few days.
i loved being able to do something i love for something i admire.
then i was able to contribute a few prints to the joyful shop.
again, i loved contributing to such a great cause by doing something i love so much.

now i am excited to tell you that i am starting to sell actual prints in my little etsy shop.
i have so enjoyed gathering verses and songs and quotes that really speak to me.
and then putting my hard work onto paper.
i have been a little busy bee getting prints into my shop for you.
and i've been loving every second. designing does something to me. :)

a little sampling:

[all the prints in the shop do NOT have the tape or watermark or background.
that is just for show & tell. haha.]

from today until sunday i wanted to offer you a little coupon code 
as my way of officially opening shop and saying thank you.
if you enter "KATYGIRL20" at checkout, you will get 20% off!

i am super excited for this new adventure.
i'm excited to continue to add new items to the shop.
so keep checking back.
and if there is something you'd like to see, let me know!
thank you to everyone that has encouraged me to do this.
i hope you all enjoy what you see. 

p.s. i am still doing custom invites, announcements, & cards of any sort! 
click the sidebar button for more information.


  1. katy, seriously, you are amazing.
    those prints are super fantastic!
    thanks for using your talent to proclaim Him!

  2. love it, katy. you're definately working your talent. awesome stuff!

  3. totally random but getting mail is my love language as well. i love getting fabric in the mail. i think that is the reason i haven't found a quilt shop is because i love getting fabric in the mail! <3

  4. katie, these are really fabulous!!
    i'm excited to have a new shop for prints as I find there are only a couple I generally go to :D

  5. girl you are off the charts. any special sister discount?

  6. Do you have anything that says "my mother has been the biggest blessing to me" or "my mother is so godly and wise" or something like that???

  7. I am excited for you!!! Woo Hoo! am going to go buy
    me a little something......

  8. Woot woot!

    Also, dying laughing at your mom's comment. Hilar.

  9. question, will your family adopt me?

  10. yay for a new adventure! :) what fun. such fun YOU..if that makes sense. LOVE!
    p.s. i'll email you that print today. got busy yesterday. then i forgot. now i remember. hehe.

  11. what no justin bieber lyrics? i totally think you should make a print that says "swaggy" i'd buy it.
    but seriously, Best Wishes Katy! i know it'll this new adventure will be fruitful.

  12. lovely. i pray God provides for you, continues to inspire you, and uses your shop for his glory.

  13. these are awesome!!!

    also. janey wins for best.comment.ever.

  14. Excited to check out your shop! I really love your printables, really sweet.

    I am a Beautifully Rooted contributor too, so I thought I'd stop by and say
    hello, and introduce myself.

    Nice to meet you!!!

  15. girlfriend you are insanely talented!

  16. KATY! how fun :) i love your beautiful designs. keep shining for Him

  17. your shop is the prettiest shop.

    also, i'm dying over that paper airplane hoop art in your last post.
    henry would flip for that!

  18. katy this is so exciting! i'm thrilled for you and pray the Lord blesses you and multiplies all your efforts. :-)

  19. so um, you are kinda really, really good at what you do.

  20. i'm so glad you're doing this!
    God has given you such amazing eye and talent and i can't wait to order one for myself. :)
    yours are some of my FAVES.

  21. SO glad you opened an etsy shop!!!
    Your prints are awesome, love them!
    So excited for you!


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