Monday, September 10, 2012

ten on ten :: september

listen. this is my 3rd month doing ten on ten.
i really, really love it. i look forward to it.
but today i had this sudden fear.
what if everyone hates my pictures?
i do the same thing every day.
i wake up. parent my children. feed them lunch. put them down for a nap.
work. feed snacks. go get the mail. make dinner.
then i realized, hey. this is me.
this is my life right now.
and isn't this what this whole thing is about?
finding beauty in the mundane?
so here i go again.
finding joy in the small things.

get me coffee now.

putting my orders together.

trains. always.


lunch. and watching sister play.


sending some notes off while hanging out with my girl.

someone woke up.

my girl is back on tv!

scooter brought me flowers after a long, long couple of weeks.

i'm linking up to rebekah. you should too.

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  1. i love your daily. LOVE mr. someone who woke up, and cammie's eyes, and your notes. well, everything :)
    i wanted to do it this month, but today was not the day for me.
    so glad to see your pics, cheered my heart! xo

  2. 10 on 10 is my favorite.
    i like seeing the glimpses. even if its the same "type" of day. there is so MUCH different stuff through out it. :)

    also. miles and cammie have grown up so much in two weeks.
    like for reals.
    please give them each a cup of coffee tomorrow - i think it will help stunt some growth. :) thank you.

  3. Ummm, I definitely love your photos. I especially love all the different colors in your photos. And that last photo is so, so cute. Great set!

  4. cannot believe you run errands with the are brave.

  5. I forget to do this EVERY MONTH. Love these photos. Everyday things are my fave.xoxo

  6. i love your everyday. i wanted to do it today. but i didn't want my kids to nark on me for taking pics with my phone in class. sigh. maybe someday...

  7. i wanted to do this today. but i was worried my kids would nark on me if i was using my phone to take pics in class. sigh. maybe next month....

  8. also i love your everyday. so i can't wait to see this again next month. the end.

    1. Just wanted to draw attention to the fact that you just left the same comment three times.

    2. i like to steal the show with my comments. like korean drummers.

  9. Your day is unique to you and you should never compare it to others. They are not you. Ordinary is extraordinary. Marvelous photos.

  10. love your day. so me. everyday's the same, but with different dramas, right?? i love your flowers. so super sweet.

  11. I often think the same thing, but it's what we do everyday and those are the memories that we want to hold on to!

  12. It is you and I love seeing it! I love that you have a stamp (I love stamping) and Sharpie pens and a sweet husband who brings you flowers.

  13. lovin' the pics! Our days seem a lot a like.a lot :)

  14. Your pictures are lovely & loving. You can tell you are a momma that loves her babies. You capture fantastic smiles and the warm editing is delicious. I am so glad I stopped by!


  15. Really love your blog, your realness, and your dang cute kids. Just stumbled upon it a few weeks ago, and love coming back here to read what you write! Press on, girl-- you have good stuff to say, even if it seems mundane.

  16. My name is Pen & Paint and I approve this message.

  17. OMG, I LOVE the Sharpie pen thing. It's my favorite!!! Oh, and all the photos are gorgeous too!

  18. I adore that pic of Miles waking up from his nap...TOO CUTE!

  19. i really dig your 10 on 10!! Sweet.

  20. i'm still trying to find the beauty in MY mundane, lol! oh how i miss watching ellen...she is high-larious!


  21. i love these posts.
    even the mundane is cute at your house ;)


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