Sunday, September 9, 2012

the 2012 mugswappy.

the second annual mug swap was a highlight of my summer.
i loved seeing everyone's pictures pop up on instagram.
if you didn't do it this year, do it next year! it was such a blast and i feel like everyone met new people!

i was given one of my good blog friends to buy a mug for.
i seriously loved shopping for her.
i will let her tell you all about it.

anyway, as if buying for jami wasn't enough, i got the coolest package in the mail.
from my new friend lesley
i love her!
she knows how i feel about the USPS.

okay so she wrote me the cutest little card and included all these vintage california goodies.
so cute.
and she went to anthropologie....i mean, we all know i love anthropologie.
and gave me the sweetest mug ever. i just love it so much.

oh hey. that chalkboard is looking kinda gross.
time to re-do.

anyway. let me tell you guys my favorite part of the whole package.
lesley painted me this amazing card to match my mug.
she said, "sorry i don't know how to sew!"
um...lesley...i am NOT SORRY you don't know how to sew.
i am SO GLAD you don't know how to sew.
i love it so much.
she even went onto my about me page that desperately needs to be updated,
and got the verse i posted off of it.
sweetest. thing. ever.

lesley has the cutest blog...with the cutest family.
and she has a sweet etsy shop.
go check her out. i like her.

i had a ball doing the mug swap.
thank you SO MUCH, kim, for hosting.
it was definitely a summer highlight.
i can't wait til next year!!


  1. LOVE the mug lesley sent you!!! SO cute. I saw that at anthro. Adorbs.

  2. hooray!
    many loves here. jami, lesley, YOU.
    your fancy hand-painted beauty and the mug. wow!
    wasn't this amaze? it was my summer highlight, too.


  3. Hey lady! I'm so glad you like your mug and you are too sweet about the little painting. *blush* So glad I had you for my buddy and love that I got to know you better. ENJOY!!!

  4. i think you and lesley have the funnest packaging. i feel like the USPS was truly blessed.

    love the extra special touch lesley added with the handmade card.
    girlfriend has skillzzzz

  5. AGgghhHH what fun! I am soooooooooo doing this next year!!

  6. I love the message to the USPS on the side! I need to remember that next time I send something :) Cute mug too!

  7. Love that you thanked the USPS on your package. Very cool. The mug and painting you received are beautiful.

  8. you're the bomb! Efron forever.

  9. Adorable!!! Getting happy mail is THE BEST!
    I'm hosting a swap on my blog if you're up for swapping again :)

  10. What a sweet package. And I love me some Anthro in the worst way yet we don't have one anywhere near us(boo!).
    Have a lovely week!

  11. this looked so fun! i don't really drink coffee..or tea all that much, so i didn't play along, but all those pics made me want to real bad ;) maybe i'll join y'all next year!

  12. aw how cute is she? why sew when you have talen like that? cheers, lesley!

  13. mug swap WIN!
    what a super cute mug!!!

    and those cards?!
    stop the cuteness. stop it now.

  14. so fun, and I love love that mug you got!!!

  15. I love that we are mugswappy twins. I like being twins with you.

  16. hey girl! just went to sign up for the mug swap, was scrollin' through the linky and came to this post that was so stinkin' cute, i just screamed. love your mug, and maybe i'll get you in this year's swap ... or maybe i'll just send you some happy mail cause i screamed about this post. that's all.

    (and i love Lesley too. she's so neat.)


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