Friday, September 14, 2012

we are weird.

i have these girlfriends here that i call my closies.
i talked about them here.

but that doesn't include lorieloo.
this one does though.
from miles' first birthday party. 

we are a crazy bunch.
strange might be a better word.
i don't know.
last week it was our friend davi's birthday so we were planning a little get together.
it was "indian" themed.
all week we were texting each other the stupidest texts.
like, "i'm gonna wear dream catcher earrings."
and weird things like that.
i would never text that. maybe.
anyway, this was my favorite exchange.

it went on and on.
we started quoting vanessa williams.
somehow we ended up on michael w. smith and a friend's a friend forever.
which, btw, i sang in a musical in 6th grade.

christie and i also have really weird text exchanges.
like...we just don't really filter anything.
i was trying to find a picture of us for this post and i couldn't.
i finally found these two:

at first i was all, "well, i mean, it'll have to work."
but then i realized that it's perfect.
she's always looking down on me and i'm always holding a giant frame.

we had this exchange last week.
pretty much sums us up, if i do say so myself.

also this happened today:

i'm slightly nervous because i didn't check with her before i posted this.

i will leave you with this.

she lives right down the street from me.
so when i was trying to look for pictures, i texted her and said two things:
1. can i borrow the first harry potter book.
2. can we take a pic.

here is what we came up with:

so awkward. i have a double chin.
she has, like, this weird tilt going on.
sun's in our face.
just too much to bare.
also, i posted it to instagram and it got really out of control on there.
so many comments.
because i hashtagged #awkwardtilt and people thought i left out the L.
i feel very uncomfortable saying the actual word on here.

i think i should go now.


  1. super love. makes me happy that you have weirdies like that. so fun. love your giant frame. and all the texts.
    and really, tilts and tits are both awkward. as far as photos are concerned.

  2. first i was laughing at the post and now i'm laughing at hannah saying how awkard tits and tilts are. this whole thing is too much.

  3. What's better than being weird? You two are cute!

  4. this post makes me smile x100. also i want to read it x100.

    you and your closies.
    you're my kinda peeps.
    so good.
    awkward tilts and tits and all.

  5. um that was hilarious.

    i will go nurse someone's baby now. it seems approp for this convo.

  6. I'm dying. DYING. the blue corn moon text exchange and all the following will forever make me laugh.

    and it seriously blew up my phone that day. shut it down. black screen.

    my phone could not handle our weirdness. or as I like to call it awesomeness.

    also. I truly am sad that amy&will are divorcing. like. really.


    Also, I'm glad you have friends. Our insano friends would blend well together.

  8. dying. i love that you have closies like these. you make me want to be your neighbors so i can join this ridiculous behavior.

  9. weird friends are the best friends. i love weirdos. with awkward O O.

  10. freaking hilarious. i miss friends. i stay home alot now. this is all so cute.

  11. listen up. i appreciate having someone who will listen (or read) the details of my mundane daily life. thank you for letting me be weird with you. i love you like a korean drummer loves stealing the show. my love for you is not like a fart in the wind. it will not blow away quickly. it will stay forever true.

  12. Came over from Life Chaser comments. This has to be one of the funniest posts I have read in a while. I want to live next door :)

  13. I love this post! I don't know you at all, but now I feel like I do haha you really just made me miss my own homies from back home! Friends are good for the soul!


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