Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a whole lot of weekend love. part one.

do you ever have a time where you look forward to something so much that when it is over you feel sad?
like your wedding day, or the birth of your children, or your senior prom?
or the justin bieber concert and a weekend with some dear friends? 
me too. i woke up really sad today that it is all over. but a good sad. my heart is full.
but i have had a loss of words to describe everything.
i'm gonna start with my friend weekend.

i have some really great blog friends.
and a few of them i have had the privilege of meeting in real life.
there are a few that i have become really close to and we decided to meet up this weekend.
  my house is right in the middle of all of us so it was perfect.
so kim, jessica, and julie got here on saturday afternoon and we just lived it up for a few days.
good food, great convo, and just a feeling of comfort.

we took pics.
lots of them.
because you know bloggers and instagrammers. 
we like to get exactly the right pic.

we exchanged swag bags.
cammie tried to get all up in my biz and i was like, ohhhh no way girl. back it down.

we ate great food. and shared great stories and conversations.

they loved on my kids.
a whole lot.
and put up with the craziness over here.

p.s. that is miles copying jessica on his little cell phone. i loved that moment so much.

we wore our california necklaces. from oxford trunk.
and just loved hanging out.

i went into this weekend feeling in this funk that i've been in for a month or two now.
and came out feeling so refreshed with a new outlook on a lot of things.
i really love each of these girls and am so thankful for the time we spent together.
they make me laugh really hard. and i can't wait for the next time.

and also...a HUGE shout out to my sweet hubs.
scooter served his little heart out this weekend.
he just wanted us to have a great, great time.
he cooked, cleaned, watched my kids all weekend.
never once complained and delighted in it.
thank you, scott. you're the best.

jessica, julie, and kim.
i really love you a lot and appreciate you.
can't wait for the next time.


  1. thank you again katy.
    i think this post encapsulates how great the weekend really was.

    and you really got yourself a winner in the scooter. he was INCREDIBLE. you are right, he does deserve so major props. he makes a mean tri tip and french toast.

    i think he should be invited to all blogger events. :) Plus he is really nice, and he totally adores you and loves miles and cammie.
    It was truly a highlight to see your little family in action. You guys do LOVE well.

  2. words cannot properly express my love for this post. and for you. and for scooter. and those darling babies. you are a rockstar fam. thank you for opening your fresh prince B@ home to us. i loved every second and woke up sad, too. and exhausted. and fat. all your fault. let's book next year like now. love you, katygirl. so much.

  3. I'm so glad you guys had a great time and that your girls helped you get your groove back!

  4. YAY! So glad that you had a wonderful weekend with the girlies!

  5. the greatest group of all time. you four.
    beautiful photos!! isn't getting together like this such a soul stirring gift?!

    love you. and maybe jealous.

  6. Kind of jealous. And I like all y'all's colors going on.

  7. i should have been there.
    miles copying jessica? a-mazing.
    i'm not even from cali and i would totally rock that necklace.
    love that you had this time to refuel

  8. Thank you friend.

    For everything. For being such an amazing hostess.
    For being such a natural, brilliant mother.
    For being such a loving wife to Scott.

    Your life, your husband, your children, your home, shines the love and grace of Jesus.

    I am so thankful that I got to spend the a few days there.


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