Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a whole lot of weekend love. part two. [bieber edition.]

i will say that the night of the bieber concert was one of the most fun times i have ever had.
at first i was a tad ashamed, being that i'm 31 and the general population at the concert was 12 and under.
but now i proudly embrace my bieber fever. alisha and i had so much fun.
words can't even describe!

we started our adventure on thursday night making shirts.
i set out and bought us purple tees and paint.
and we spent literally 45 minutes trying to figure out what the shirts were going to say.
it needed to be creative...something that no one else would puff paint onto their shirts.
we jointly came up with the solution and were so excited.

friday we both woke up with butterflies. i could not believe it was finally here!
i was so excited to wear my bieber watch from my mother in law.

 i got ready and headed over to alisha's where we got decked out in our bieber gear and also wrote on my windows.

we decided on the phrase "be our buzz lightyear" since that is a line from his "boyfriend" song.
mature. very mature. and hilarious. 
and a random lady at the concert stopped us and asked us to take our picture.
so clearly people loved them.

also we got honked at by women a handful of times on our two hour drive up to the concert.
it was a major highlight.

we also stopped at mcdonalds right before the concert where i saw this guy wearing a neon vest.
i automatically assumed he worked for the concert venue so i asked him if he had met bieber yet.
he replied, "uh, i work for comcast." 
okay. so i learned on friday that just because you wear a neon vest doesn't mean you work at concerts.

we stood in line for a very long time behind two 12 year olds being dropped off by their dad.
their dad was probably only a few years older than we are. but hey, no shame.
we were so excited. we almost took pics with a cardboard justin but thankfully decided against that.

when we got in we found out we were literally seated in the very farthest row back. 
our disappointment lasted about 2 seconds and then we were excited again.
we got to hear carly rae jepsen sing "call me maybe". we danced hard. it was a blast.

and then the countdown came on for bieber and my ears are still ringing from the screaming.
i mean, i was excited i guess.
besttttttt pic of the night. no words.

bieber came on stage with these gigantic wings.
and that is when my phone died. luckily alisha had her little point and shoot.
that also died about 15 minutes into the concert.
it is OKAY. we got a few cool pics.

there was a really sweet girl next to us. 
we caught her texting her friend.
the text said, "justin has the voice of an angel."
i mean....i like justin and all....butttttttt i felt a little awkward.

all joking about justin aside...i will say that i was completely shocked and surprised at what an unbeliebable performer he is. he is just really good at what he does. he is a great entertainer. it seemed like it was over way too fast.

and of course, we waited in line for over 45 minutes to buy a souvenir. 
and then we headed straight for the buses to see if we could see justin leave.
we saw his bff. but our cameras were dead so we couldn't take a pic.
we also met the guy who raps with him on stage. it was fun. a good way to end the night.

and then the next day scott bought me a new phone to replace my broken, old one.
and i promptly put my new cell phone cover on it.
not one bit ashamed. only proud. 

longest post everrrrrr.
but you knew that would be the case, didn't you?

alisha. thank you for sharing your birthday present with me.
let's do it again. like, tomorrow.


  1. you. are. hillllarious!! i love it! glad all your wildest dreams came true :)

  2. the wings are too much for me.

    too. much.

    glad you had a great time. for realz. love siri.

  3. seriously jealous you got tho do this. i get the same way when jt comes to town. :)

  4. oh my gosh this looks like SO much fun. what a great adventure for you guys. can we go on one? you never wanna act like youre 12 around me.

  5. Hahahahahahahahahaha! I love this. Okay, so I'm a few years ahead of you and had my "moment" a couple of years ago with the comeback of the NKOTB. Yeah, I went to two concerts. Yeah, we followed Jon around Las Vegas. Yeah, I was depressed for a couple of weeks wishing I was 13 again. Loved it. So I fully support your fever. :)

    1. Jenn. Please comment more. This was the best and I need more of you in my life.

  6. crazy face. love the winged bieber. super happy for y'all!!
    also, i have to say, how do you look so amazing drawing on that car? #hotness

  7. katy.
    the real question is: DID he have the voice of an angel?
    or just the wings?
    because those things are HUGE.

    i totally get it. i do.
    whenever i try to relive my britney oops i did it again experience to others, they just don't get it.
    i feel like you get it.

    biebs forever.
    also, did you hear gaga puked at her latest show?
    i think the bieber fever has turned into the bieber flu.

  8. unbeliebable.

    I only have one similar experience. It was going to a Ryan Adams concert. Not Brian, Ryan.
    No cars were painted. No souvenirs or t-shirts. He did have the voice of an angel though. And unfortunately he didn't want to marry me. I left heartbroken.

  9. AHHH! love it :) so glad you had a good time!

  10. I'm still laughing out loud that you asked a man in a vest about Beiber. Comcast....hahahahahahaha!

  11. I beliebe in being present, puffy paint, and neon vests.

  12. i am so sorry it's over.
    the comcast dude was my favorite part.
    and your arm candy.


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