Friday, October 5, 2012

bieber or bust.

today is the day i have waited for my whole life.
or since june 22 when i opened up my birthday present from alisha and inside was a bieber concert ticket.
today i will show you 5 things i've seen on etsy that people actually make for 13 year old's with bieber fever.
and yes, i sure did search this. i sure did.

i know, i know. crazy that these don't have bieber's face plastered on them. they should, but they don't.
i feel really, really sad in my heart that i didn't buy these for tonight.

amazing. that's what these are.

i really did want to get us these shirts and i forgot. i'm so sad. it is so perfect.

don't even worry, you guys.
full justin bieber report coming at you on monday.

and i'm sharing on beautifully rooted today.
haha i'm seriously laughing out loud as i type this because like, for reals, i just wrote about bieber and beautifully rooted in the same blog post.

but come visit me over there because i'm talking about what mature adults talk about....
like what God's done in my life and stuff. 
100% not bieber related. omgosh.


  1. i just clicked here thru twitter.
    you should know that.

    also. i feel like more than featuring the bieber products you should feature the shop name.

    criztawl nailzzzzzzzz.

    i feel like you should rename: katygurl deezignzzzzzzz.

    also. please instabomb this whole adventure.
    i need like 4 pics per hour minimum.

  2. haha you are so funny! have fun! try not to get trampled my 13 year old girls :)

  3. Reading your Beautifully Rooted post & this post back to back proves to me that we're friends.

  4. Also, have so much fun tonight!!!

  5. super jealous you're going to the concert...concert of a lifetime! can't wait for pics. ;)

  6. You need those press ons. That'd be really Old Skool.
    Have fun and BELIEVE!

  7. woah. love you and all of this nonsense.


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