Tuesday, October 23, 2012

camden jane :: six months.

camden jane.
i'm just not ready for you to be six months yet. 
you are the smallest, sweetest, easiest little doll baby i know.

some things about you:
you have no teeth yet. none even in sight.
you are starting to crawl.
you sleep so good for this tired mama.
you smile all day. 
you love your brother so much.

i love your cheeks.
i could kiss them all day long.
you are pure sunshine to my soul.

p.s. your brother wanted in on the action.

also...cheers to the last 6 months.


  1. Ah!! She is just so cute! And I love how Miles came in to kiss her...so sweet. :)

  2. Happy six months to the sweet girl with the cutest bows. These pictures are really making me want to be in Cali now.

  3. Oh, the cuteness! I just love her face as Miles is lovin on her!

  4. she's the best.

    fav part of this post: the 6 month recap.
    look. at. her.

  5. Six months?! We were just talking about bengay! She's a cutie.

  6. Look at that sweet smiley face! I'm sure you want to eat her up on a regular basis. Happy 6 months...how did that happen?

  7. oh gracious.
    her eyes.
    her hair.
    her feet.
    her smile.
    her brother lovin' her.
    can't handle it!

  8. she's scrumptious.
    i love that little smiley face!

  9. 6 months already?!?!? No way.
    She is just too cute!!!!
    Happy half year Cammie Jane!

  10. aww she is a doll! She must get her good looks from her mama :)

    Crawling!? look at her..>>> lyla doesn't even sit yet...its b/c she is spoiled and want to held all day long.

  11. this girl. from her name to her big beautiful eyes, she is the embodiment of CUTE and beautiful and adorable and all that jazz!

  12. she IS a doll baby. and she's growing too fast. tell her to stop it.


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