Friday, October 26, 2012

dear miles

my favorite part of today was when you got a lightning mcqueen sticker because you did such a good job obeying.
and then instead of keeping it for yourself, you gave it to your sister.
you love stickers, so this was a big deal!

my least favorite part of today was right after the sweet moment in the picture above.
you took your snack bowl and smashed it into your sister's face until she started screaming.

i mean, you win some, you lose some, right? right.


  1. this is the sweetest thing ever. we use cars stickers to reward good behavior also. and for going to sleep on his own these days since that's been such an issue. now if i could only use it as a reward for sleeping through the night. these 2-year molars are killing me! i think you have posted this before, though i'm not sure if you ever mentioned which ones worked for you, but which discipline books ended up being useful? i could use all the help i can get on this whole discipline thing ;)

  2. we're gettin there.
    gotta take the wins when you can.

    well done miles.
    big internet hugs to you for being so good!

  3. great job, miles.
    keep up that awesome obedience!
    probably should lay off the sister face smash, ok?

  4. oh miles. he's just trying to toughen her up a bit. she'll thank him later.

  5. My children are the same way. They are learning and I am praying... A lot!!! I want them to be close and kind and loving. That's a mothers dream right?

  6. my brother always tells the girls, 'get tough or die'. poor cammie girl may be able to bite through nails at this rate :)


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