Sunday, October 28, 2012

giants won.

this post is really my weekend sevens but i needed that to be the title so it goes down in the history books.


1. grandpa & grandma came down so we took them to the pumpkin patch again.
i mean, same shirts. same hair bow. 
look, i paid good money for halloween shirts from old navy. i'm gonna get my money's worth.

2. saw this sweet little gem.
sorry i took a pic of his backside but i had to sneak.
giants fans are few and far between where i live. this is a dodgers town.
so we gotta stick together.

3. i feel like in my head, i found these pictures to be a lot more fun than they appear to be.

4. oh hey. back on the pony.

5. always such a pleasure taking pictures with my kids.
such a pleasure.

6. made my pinterTest kitchen recipe!
it was a hit around here. come back friday to see what i made!
any guesses?

7. got my pumpkin family ready for halloween.

giants won the freaking world series.
scott caught me dancinggg.
crazy, crazy pic. i should be embarrassed but i'm totally not.
such a stressful game.
such an awesome outcome.
now it's all about football!

i'm just gonna tell you that i've got a really fun week planned around these parts.
and i'm excited about it.
so come back every day.

until then....
i'm gonna soak up this awesome feeling.
world series champs, baby!


  1. i feel like you are way more legit than i am. but i m a giants fan! cuppa made me one actually, last year with all her posts of games and whatnot. so there's that. woohoo!

    also, the pics are way fun. cammie's face. oh my.

    i am happy i stopped by just now for this dancing katy photo. it's probably gonna be in my dreams lol.

    goodnight! ready for this exciting week, yo. f'realz.

  2. as far as i'm concerned, this post is ALL about the giants. i mean, orange and black er'where. #champions

  3. i love your pumpkins. but i REALLY love that dancing pic!!

  4. i have no idea why you ever got kicked out of dance class with moves like that.

    i love it all.
    Orange October.

    also. so glad Miles got reunited with his unicorn.
    i mean pony.

    also. please remind scott what i said. 4-0.

    i already know i'm going to love your pintertest because i could eat a whole bag of those damn caramels in one sitting. and chocolate. so. yes.

  6.! all you sf fans really made me wish i liked baseball more these last few weeks. i tried to watch the game last night and my youngest says "MOM why are you watching baseball? the saints are playing."

  7. I love Cammie's eyes. They are spectacular. Also, love me a good Giant booty in Dodger country. Thanks for the PK shout-out. I love you.

  8. A few things:

    1. I don't like baseball, but I'm so glad that it exists because I get to look at that epic photo of you celebrating.

    2. You took a pic of a stranger's rear end. I'm totally ok with it.

    3. Cammie's face in that hole says, "you've got to be kidding me, mom."

    4. Your weekend sevens posts always make me comment in numbered lists.

    5. I like you.

    1. feel like you really sold yourself short with only 5.

  9. Your making mini caramel apple pops?!?!?! Am i right?? I just made them yesterday!

    1. micah. no. sorry. i don't even know what those are. send me a link.

  10. haha! this post is all kinds of awesome.
    that bow on cammie jane is deeeeelicious.
    and i might need to frame that last pic of you somewhere in my house.
    you've been warned.

  11. haha. love the last photo.

    you know you get a free taco at taco bell today for that guy who stole a base. :)

  12. so! i am from san fran. do you know how painful it is to be on the opposite coast when they win??!! celebrate some more for me, please!!

  13. dear lord baby jesus. i could honestly care less about baseball but you have made me a fan with those moves.

  14. Heck yes to the getting your money worth out of the halloween outfits. Halloween clothes for dayzzzzz.


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