Thursday, October 18, 2012


oh hey guys. festy of etsy loves is back and better than ever. 
halloween is less than two weeks away. 
and i've seen a lot of really exceptional halloween ideas, crafts, desserts floating around.
october is proving to be the busiest month of my life. i still need to decorate or something.
but in the mean time, here are some fun finds from etsy.

[i'm a sucker for their little banners]

[are we being serious with this right now? amazing.]

do you celebrate halloween? what are you or your kids dressing up as?

p.s. candy corn is so nasty.


  1. Good morning Katy!

    Thanks for the Dear Nicole mention! You blog is always inspirational ... we are so happy to be a part of your Etsy loves.

    Your rock girl!

  2. OMGosh, Katy! Thank you!!

  3. This is some sushi I can get behind.
    Tell me that is gonna be Cammie.

    Also there are no skulls in this festy.
    Fix that.
    Actually, can you do a whole skull festy? I'll GP if you need me to. :)

    1. katy. please tell me you aren't a skullz hater.

    2. skulls festy. i fully support one.

    3. kater's gotta kate, fools. kater's gotta kate.

  4. great finds. i don't like Halloween and not for a religious reason or anything...I am just not a fan. I am learning to get into it with kids :)

    E is going as snow white, L is going as a would make me soooooooooooo happy if the boy wold go as dopey...but that isn't happening...for the 3rd year in a row he is refusing dress up lol.

  5. I'm 32 and still afraid of people in costume. So I don't do Halloween. Babies dressed up like sushi might change my mind, though. But just a little. Or maybe not. However, that garland is pretty darn cute.

  6. halloween iz fun. candy corn iz the bombz. and so you know, that sushi costume iz the best thing everz.

  7. Great pics!I'm so happy to be in this lovely blog...Thank you so much for your suport my handmade work too :)

    ♥ from Istanbul

  8. Candy corn- not nasty.
    Your little freshy design- also not nasty.
    Sushi- nasty.
    Sushi baby costume- awesome.

    The end.
    I'm going to eat a bag of candy corn.

  9. If I liked sushi and had a baby I would be ALL up in that biz. Ashlyn is going to be Nightmare Moon, the villain horse in My Little Pony (her favorite - we're so proud) and Kayla is going to be Secretariat's jockey, Ronnie. It might be my least favorite costume year. Of all time.

  10. honeychild, i need that orange-dot-bat-garland biznezz real bad.
    p.s. this might have been my finest honeychild and i'm basing that on how embarrassed i am to have it published

  11. my fave is the orange and bats fun! we've never gone all out for Halloweenie, just the pumpkin patch and easy costumes, but this year my 4.yr.old is WAY into it. It's actually kinda fun. She's dressing up as hair and all. I'm on staff in children's ministry at our church and we put on a huge Halloween carnival for the community, so that's what our family will participate in...makes it super easy! :)

  12. i cant believe halloween is two weeks away! and any of those etsy items featuring felt my cousin would absolutely love. she has an etsy shop with laser cut felt jewelry

  13. i was all, "oh my heck, so much cuteness here!!" then i saw your rude candy corn remark.

  14. candy corn isn't nasty. neither are skulls. neither is sushi in any form. neither is your fantastic new design. this one is my fave.

    1. I agree with everything but the candy corn. eww :)

  15. EASY on the candy corn comment. it's like crack. the more you eat, the more you want.

  16. cute festive halloweeny stuffs!!! we are celebrating halloween! my 4 boys are ninjago! wahoo!

    the dark halloween stuff is not my cup of tea, AT ALL. but i think you can still do cute stuff and keep halloween lighthearted.

  17. You are not good on my paypal account. That bow is too much.


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