Wednesday, October 31, 2012

hello, november.

well, my friends. november 1 is here. and that means so many things.
right around the corner (literally and figuratively) red cups & sparkling lights await us.
grumpy target employees, feliz navidad on every radio station, & snowflake flannel sheets are within arm's reach.
and pretty soon, the race to the mailbox will get oh-so-much-sweeter when the piles of Christmas cards await me as i open the door.

as you start to think about what kind of card you will put your family's smiling face on this year, i wanted to give you a little peak of what's in my shop. i've been working every night for weeks to bring you a great variety of all sorts of styles and i'm hoping one catches your eye!

here are just a FEW of the cards in the christmas card shop...there are over 20 to choose from:

there are several different color options and styles and variations, so make sure you head over and check them out!

[[when ordering these cards, it is so simple. you purchase the card in the shop, i send you an email with all the information you will need to get the ball rolling. once i receive your picture(s), i will work my magic, and you will receive your final proof in jpeg format within 2 days (usually much sooner). then you send your jpeg to any place you want to have it printed. for example, costco, walgreens, target. i recommend if you have ANY questions at all, please email me! i'd love to chit chat with you about it!]]

i am also excited because this year i really wanted to take the opportunity to give back and to give you an opportunity to give back too. i am excited to partner with two different bloggers to give to two different organizations.

i was able to partner with lindsay from pen & paint to make a card that will benefit hope4sudan. when you purchase this card, 50% of the proceeds go directly to their ministry.

and i was also able to partner with jess from the macs to make a card that benefits the joyful life library - same thing - when you purchase this card 50% of the proceeds go directly to the library that heather started. i am so excited about this.

both of these organizations are so near & dear to my heart & i am excited for the opportunity to support them this Christmas!
if none of these cards fit the style or look you are wanting this year, i am also offering custom christmas cards as well! you tell me what you want, i make it for you. you can find out more information about them here.

i have also added a few new prints in the shop as well! that was a lot of information. and i feel like that could only lead to one thing.
yes....a coupon code. from now until SUNDAY....please use the coupon code:
HEYKATY15 for 15% off
tell your friends. anything you want in the shop is yours for 15% off. have at it, girls. have at it.

thank you for supporting my shop. i had my 100th sale this week and i am so thankful. i really am.
now....don't get all excited and turn on christmas music yet. way too soon. way, way, way too soon.