Tuesday, October 30, 2012

jolly holiday :: jessica

listen. i know it is october 30.
i know november is still two days away and technically the holidays don't start for a few weeks.
but....last year, i did this awesome thing called Jolly Holiday where i asked some of my favorite bloggers to share a fun recipe, tradition, memory, craft...anything that they thought would be fun to share.
and it was such a fun time!
so i've asked a few of my bloggy friends to share again. and in order to finish by Christmas, we had to start today. but i'm sure you guys don't mind, right? now you'll have awesome ideas for the upcoming season.

so to kick us off, my dear friend jessica from keeping up with the johnsons is going to share.
some things i love about jessica are:
she's hilarious.
she's a great writer.
and she's super wise and encouraging.
i've been able to hang out with her a lot now and i'm always sad when our visits are over.

so....without further adieu, let Jolly Holiday 2012 begin.

I will start be stating the obvious.
My jello salad slightly resembles raw ground beef.
I'm going to need you to look past that.
And TRUST me.
It's the yummiest jello salad I've ever tasted.
The cranberries give it zip, the raspberry makes it sweet and the sour cream balances it out into creamy perfection.
Recipe from my darling mother-in-law-in-law.
My sister-in-law's mom.
It's delicious.
And festive.
It morphs two holiday classics into one.
Which is one less dish to make.
It's perfect on day-after turkey sandwiches.
And looks nothing like ground beef in real life.
I promise you.
Thank you, Katy for letting me invade your space and for such a fun series.
I can't to see what's next!
okay! so jessica does this fun thing on the first thursday of every month called pinterTest kitchen.
it is where you put something you've pinned to the test.
good news guys :: this thursday is the link up! give it a whirl. i love getting new ideas & recipes!
can't wait to see what you try....maybe you try this jello salad. ;)

and....jolly holiday will be every tuesday until christmas.
i am really looking forward to it!


  1. I'm feeling nervous like I ruined your blog.. I love you for letting me feature my ground beef salad. Always and forever.

  2. oh heyyy. happy holidays to us.
    i mean, it's practically christmas, right? :)

    also. this salad does sound like it would be delish on a leftover turkey sammie.

    that might be reason enough to make it. :)


  3. i love this idea of jolly holiday katy! so fun!
    and this jello salad definitely looks like a recipe i might need to try!

  4. once i married my husband he required me to make this above salad except there is strawberry jello in it and i believe cream cheese so slightly different recipe but similar concept. now i have two dishes of this, one for me to scoop into my mouth days before thanksgiving and then another bowl to serve on actual thanksgiving because the first bowl wouldn't last

  5. haha...love Jessica's comment above:) And I love the idea of this series. I cant wait to tune in for more:)

  6. I loved this series last year, so obviously it's never too early to start.

    jessica that's the yummiest lookin ground beef i ever did see.

  7. this looks so fun and festive!! i think my family would love this :)

  8. i love all jello products. this post made me happy.

  9. jessica is the jam. and i want this salad.

  10. i'm a fan of you, jessica, jolly holiday, and jello salad.

  11. i'd totes make this salad. ground beef or not.

  12. So I have jello issues. And raw meat issues. And steak issues. But you know that. But I do not have jessica issues. Or cranberry issues. So... maybe, just maybe, I will try it. Plus, my jello, raw meat, and steak loving mother in law would be proud of me if I served it at Thanksgiving. Because there is no thanks in thanksgiving if there is no jello. No joke.


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