Thursday, October 25, 2012


i have this thing with mint and coral together.
they just go. like orange and black. and giants and baseball. oh....maybe i got a little carried away.
8-3 went to my head. stay humble, katy. stay humble.

anyway....back to mint. i even painted my living room mint. and hung coral frames.
i love those colors that much.
so here are some fun mint finds from etsy.

what's your favorite color combo together? 
i'll put together some etsy finds from some colors mentioned in the comments.

p.s.! my sister is doing a room tour over at life made lovely today! go check it out.


  1. 8-3 stabbed me in the heart. But it's only game one.

  2. i want all of them.
    orange and aqua are my current fav colors.

    but i also love mint and peach.
    like a toned down orange and aqua.

    all of this stuff is SO super cute!

  3. gosh i don't think there's anything better than mint and coral.
    i do love grey, white, mustard yellow.

  4. i love coral and aquaish. and greige and purple.

    that mint owl is adorable.

  5. i want to bathe in mint i love it so much.

  6. I had to come searching for this post after I saw your blog pop up in my Etsy shop! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the mention! I was so excited & surprised!!

    ~ Jaedyn (Buttercream Dreams)


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