Wednesday, October 3, 2012

my first pinterTest kitchen.

i am so excited!
today my dear friend jessica is hosting her year anniversary pintertest kitchen.
now listen, i don't have a pinterest, but that didn't stop me. i have been waiting to participate.
so i just saved recipes that i've seen floating around the world wide webs and finally decided on one.
festy of etsy loves will be back tomorrow with a special edition.
but is all about lesley's iced thumbprint cookies.

we have this cookie shop here in town that makes these delightful thumbprint cookies.
so this recipe kept standing out to me! and while they didn't taste just like them, they are for sure keepers.
scott took them to bible study last night and all the guys asked if i would make them again.

now. please go check out lesley's lovely pictures.
i am not photographer; lesley take beautiful shots of her food.
and this recipe is HER recipe. and i guarantee you that mine would never, ever compete with hers!

you can find all the ingredients here.

these cookies were really a piece of cake.
the hardest part for me was the rolling and the thumb-printing and even that was easy.

you just mix your ingredients, and then you form a disc like shown below.
wrap it in plastic wrap and pop it in the fridge for an hour.

 then you preheat your oven to 325 degrees.
and roll those little guys up and press your thumb on top.
then you roll the sides in sprinkles.
i chose chocolate sprinkles to make a fallish looking cookie.
next time i will measure out my spoonfuls so that they are all the same size.
fail on my part.

once you've followed lesley's directions and they've cooled off, you just fill the center with your icing.

let them set for 6-8 hours and you've got yourself a famous lesley thumbprint cookie.

i love how versatile these are. you can make them for any holiday or occasion.
christmas, valentine's day, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding favor, or just a treat for a friend.

and this is what happens when you are busy mixing and you leave your daughter in her bumbo on the floor.
your son finds a cat sticker sent from sneaky hannah (i have a slight dislike of cats) and continues to plaster it all over his sister. every time i looked over, it was on another part of her face or arms.
if you look close enough, you can see a single tear on her cheek from the torture.

 here is the FUN part.
i would highly advise you to link up your pintertest ideas up over at jessica's blog today!
she is having a big birthday bash for the first anniversary of pintertest kitchen!!
and psssssstttt...word on the street is that there is a HUGE giveaway and that i just might be giving away your choice of print! go check it out.

thanks for hosting this fantastic par-tay, jessica!


  1. fun! these look super nummy!!

  2. yum! These look super delish and festive :)

  3. looks delish...but my favorite part was cammie. she's perfect. her outfit is perfect...the one tiny tear...i might cry.

  4. oh delicious. fun and easy and versatile... now we're talking!! i'm glad she endured the pestering... poor thing!

  5. oh hey look. i really AM commenting.
    these look so tasty.
    also i thought they were salted caramel filling at first.

    which i feel like we could turn them into!

  6. I wish I was eating these right now.

    Also, that tiny tear, melt my heart!

  7. These look divine, I like your idea to mix them up based on the upcoming holiday or occasion. I REALLY dig Kim's idea for salted caramel in the middle. Yes please. And you're not on Pinterest? Sneaky how you still tested, I love it!

    Poor Cammiegirl, being tortured by that sticker. And her brother. I guess it's a life stage to be tortured that way by your big brother. ;-) She's so cute, I don't know how you stand it.

  8. that tear is so sad.
    these look so good.
    can you send me a bunch? to my doorstep, because i really can't make myself get off of the couch today.

  9. Those cookies are cute. I want to try them. And the baby. She's cute, too. Oh and the button. CUTE. SEE YOU SOOOOOON.

  10. Um, I love your daughter. She is too cute for words. Also, really glad you liked the cookies!

  11. they look so good! haha I much more a dog person than cat person!

    have you gotten your free bumbo seat belt yet?!( just google it ) i got mine the other day love it! of course I used my bumbo seat for 5 years with out one and everyone turned out just fine :)

  12. I saw your mini-picture on Jess's post and was mesmerized by the little pink dollop on top of your cookies. Was definitely excited to see where the pink came in, and so cute to think you could make these with any color icing for any event in particular. Like black, for a funeral.

  13. oh my gosh that tear got me! she is so precious! and those cookies. send them. i need them.

  14. Oh, the tear! And the cookie, too! It's my first PinterTest Kitchen link up, too! I think you did great!


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