Thursday, October 11, 2012

new print in the shop!

happy thursday, y'all.
i made this print because there are a few people out there who i really admire for their faithfulness to the Lord even when things don't go the way they hoped, planned, or dreamed of.
my husband, my mom, and a few of my friends are some people that really stand out to me.
and i heard this Hillsong song a little bit ago and this line really stuck out.

"all of my life, in every season, you are still God."

no matter what HE IS STILL GOD.
no matter what you're going through GOD IS STILL WHO HE SAYS HE IS.
we are not. we fail him every day, all day long. every single season of life - he is still GOD.

i'm having a sale because i added the print!
and there are so many exciting things being added to the shop in the next few weeks.
i'll make sure to keep you updated!

use the code KATYGIRL20 to get 20% off your order until Monday!
i love sales. ;)

happy weekend.
happy shopping.

p.s. one of the friends that really inspired the print is sharing her heart out on her blog this week.


  1. I love this one!! So simple and beautiful.
    But I love all your prints. Make more forever. :)

  2. favorite. for reals.

    also, soooo loving your friend's story being shared. blessing me richly.


  3. this may be my favorite. it speaks right to my heart.

  4. love this! and somehow i am just seeing the one with the feather. LOVE!! you truly have an amazing talent.

  5. oh heyyy.
    your shop is AWESOME.
    TIS THE SEASON for it to be even more awesome!

  6. Thank you and love it babe. Such a good reminder.

  7. job well done! I really love the part about seasons...we have been really talking about that lately in our small group. Motherhood is definitely a season that rise a lot of questions! :)

  8. Wallpaper size please.
    So true. So beautiful.


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