Sunday, October 21, 2012

seven snapshots.

october has been so busy.
sooooo busy. good things. great things.
but we have literally had something almost every day and/or night and i am tired. 
and i'm ready for change. change in the weather, change in our schedules, and change in this heavy heart.
it has been heavy for a little too long and i'm getting real tired of it.

this weekend was a blast. too many moments to capture. too many pictures to post. so here are some of my favorites:

1. we have a crawlerrrr. 
well. a really fast scoot that will turn into a crawl in a matter of days.
maybe hours.
stop growning, little girl.

2. grammy came to visit this weekend and we went to the pumpkin patch.
miles was so excited. he didn't stop moving for one second.
we left empty handed though. 
going back next weekend to make our purchases!

3. miles also went on his first pony ride.
it was funny. and awkward. and cute.
and miles kept patting his head and talking to him.
hilarious. love my little boy.

4. meanwhile, cammie was thrilled.
and yes, she does have a darth vader halloween shirt on.
and yes, it is a hand-me-down.
but she had a tutu on and an orange bow so everything is okay.

5. we went to our favorite restaurant for lunch.
miles lovessss his grammy.
and drinking out of real cups. with no lids. and no straws.
dry shirts didn't last long.

6. this ice cream didn't last long either.
and not because he ate it. because i took it away after a few bites.
lots of sugar + miles = tantrums.
but he sure did enjoy it while it lasted.

7. after nap cuddles with grammy.
we sure do miss her.
miles cried all day after she left.

now if you'll excuse me, the giants are winning and i've got a game to watch.

tell me one good thing about your weekend. 


  1. they both look soooo big! and adorable.

    one good thing about my weekend... hmmmmm. i won a free travel coffee mug at the home show yesterday. so that was cool.

  2. That 1st picture of Cammie. Can.Not.Handle.

    Didn't keep the new design long? I think I like this one better...Your design talent makes me jealous.

  3. again, your beautiful kids.

    i had coldstone sweet cream creamer in my coffee two nights in a row.
    kinda dessert-y. that's a good weekend thing.

    love you.

  4. I miss you. But I love seeing your kiddos, your life, your heart. Those Cammie pjs!! And crawling?? Sheesh.

    BEST: Visited Sister and Zach...and watched them love on Graham...and he WALKED all over the dang place. So much goodness.
    I love you, KKF.

  5. One great thing about my weekend was lovin on my little grand babies and enJOYing the JOY they bring. I love them and am a sad Grammy tonight.

  6. i love the facial expressions your little people make.

  7. Miles and the pony... Be still my heart too too cute.
    Cammiegirl crawling say it ain't so.

    We need to go to that favorite restaurant sometime.

  8. I love your new design! Very pretty:-) And the best thing about my weekend was the church service yesterday. Boy, did I need that one!

  9. I love your girlie! So stinkin cute!!

  10. how on EARTH do you have a crawler!?! i seriously do not remember her being on the verge like this! WHAT!?
    i fully approve of miles' skull tee. he is one BA kid.

    also, that pony. amazing. i love how into it he was! look at that SMILE!!!

  11. One good thing about my weekend: my bathroom got painted! And a friend of a friend is letting me use her pottery barn employee discount for a cute (but overpriced) new shower curtain. Hooray! All that's left for my itty-bitty bathroom redo is a cute print for above the toilet. I like this one a lot, but I might need something with more color. Although I suppose I could always do a colored frame!

    Also: your new design is cute. And your kiddos are, as usual, adorable!

  12. so cute! I teach Sunday school 18 kids + cups with no lids = always equals HUGE mess.

    I can't believe she is crawling already!?

  13. cammie looks just like miles in that first pic. she is adorable!! both of your kids are :)

    one good thing about my weekend: we found a new place to live. in a city i have spent less than a day in. eeek!! so excited to see what God has in store for us there!

  14. that pic of miles with the ice cream just made me have a crush on him. if i didn't already...
    the best part of my weekend was my sister drove the girls home from church and ry and i went to lunch alone before heading home. it was glorious and i'm pretty sure there were angles singing in the background.

  15. the pics of the ice cream are kind of tempting me to eat some right now...and it's a little too early for that. my weekend....well nay and i spent lots of time together shopping and getting nails was therapy for me.

  16. that first picture? her little fuzzy flyaways. DYING. also, i recognize those chairs. and i need pistachio ice cream, please.


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