Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the happyz and the sadz.

miles & i do this thing.
when he obeys really well, i pour on the praise and say "i've got a happy heart!"
and when he disobeys really badly, like, i don't know, kicking his sister's face,
i say, "wow, i have got one sad heart."
and my face is so obnoxiously sad, i don't even want to know what it looks like.

but he has started to get it. and now when he sees a big smile, he says, "happy!"
and when there is distress anywhere around him, he frowns so big and keeps saying, "sad!" until we acknowledge.

anyway...tangent already and i barely started. 
today i'm going to share with you my happyz and my sadz.
i have a really happy heart when there is a z on the end of the word instead of an s.


these stickers are calling my name.


i am in mourning over jef & emily breaking up. 
i loved them and had a feeling in my apparently wrong heart that they would make it.
you think i'm joking but i'm not.
my girlfriends & i have spent way too much time agonizing over this.
there may be another blogger or two that also has the sadz over this but i won't say names.


i want to stare at this picture all day.


i have a heavy heart.
and for the last week i've prayed for a few things harder than i've prayed in years.
good because it's bringing me to my knees.
bad because i should be praying like this consistently.
but, man, i'm a burdened girl right now.
i'm carrying burdens that other people are carrying and my heart is just heavy. really heavy.
with a small ache. and sometimes a big one.

but like i said on friday, he is GOD no matter what. 
and he called us to follow without compromise.
i will trust in that.

:: this picture ::

i have a few feelings about it.

my friend lorie posted it on instagram because she likes to torment me.
you know me and my dislike for cats.
but it did make me laugh for a second.

tomorrow is family picture day and lorieloo is doing it.
it's gonna be a really good time.
unless she brings her new friend along. and then we've got the sadz.

tell me your happyz or your sadz. but if you say a sad then you've got to end with a happy.
that's the rule i just made.


  1. wow.
    where do i even start.
    let's discuss the break up.
    do you think something is going around?
    how are we gonna cope?!?

    happyz: its a gorgeous day, and its gonna be gorgeous all week
    sadz: i dont like when it's hot

    happyz: giants won last night.
    sadz: each game makes my eye twitch more

    so many prayers this week for so many people.
    i take it as a good sign when your heart is burndened, it means you are loving people like jesus. which for me is so hard to do.
    it means your heart is soft, and not calloused.
    and that is the happy in that sad.

  2. awwwww sorry your heart is heavy friend! sending prayers :)
    you should hang out with my hubs you guys could dislike cats together lol.

  3. emily & jef broke up? for reals? i don't believe you. i mean, i follow them on insta and everything. ;)

    sad about that cat sitch too. really for your last picture?
    and happy that...i'm gonna go get lunch. eating is my favorite.

    i panicked on my happy. it's just what came out.

  4. you make me happyz.
    and not just because i can't stop laughing at the thought of you making an obnoxiously super sad face for Miles.

    1. Miles probably should be spelled Milez from now on. That looks like a country though.

  5. If Mason isn't getting his way he says "Mason sad boy." in the most pitiful tone he can do. It was cute the first few times, now not so much. I may or may not have responded with "Masons going to be a VERY sad boy in about 2 seconds."

    What with the heavy hearts? I got it too.

  6. Sadz that you're sad. But happyz that you have a great God that hears your cries. Happyz that you are crying out to Him.

    That is all.


  7. so i'm kind of majorly crushing on everything in heather's shop. o.m.g.

    sadz- that you have cat loving friends.
    sadz- that we aren't neighbors

    happyz-that you're my friend.
    happyz-that my screaming baby just fell asleep and the other one is entertaining herself.

  8. oh, other happyz? your new blog design.

  9. I'm not sure that this day can be redeemed... (I found out via a text alert from my BFF who couldn't care less, but who loves me enough to break it to me gently.) I'm sadz, man.

  10. sooo we've never met, and our only real tie is kim and jess. and i know those two would rather chop onions for 2 weeks than talk about the bachelor/bachelorette. but let me tell you katygirl, my love for the bachelor/bachelorette runs wide and it runs deep. and the news over jef and emily parting ways makes me want to lose hope on all of humanity.

    so, i am so so so happy that kim and jess are friends with someone who has their priorities straight, and really keeps relationships such as jef and emily's at the top of their list. because anyone who doesn't, just does not care about beautiful things like true love and european mullets.

  11. It makes me SADZ that you watch the Bachelorette. I mean, who are you. I don't know if I even know you any more.
    I tried watching it and well, I realized that I couldn't do it. I really tried KK. It just wouldn't take. It's okay though. I watch quality TV.
    Happyz... um the new design is the bombz.
    Did you know I used to spell my name like this in high school. Linz.
    There you go. You may refer to me and Linz from now on. And it's not pronounced like Linds, but Linzee.
    You are welcomez.

    1. you watch that private practice show, sooo.......

    2. yes I do. and it better than your shooooowz.

  12. This is Ashlyn's favorite post. "She hold a kitty." Be happyz because you've made a deaf kid happyz.

  13. i am happyz that my 37.3% friend is so fluent in french.
    also, i am not sadz that my inlawz are finished visiting.

    i love you, and miss you. but f'realz, can we quit the bach biz?
    and by we, i totez meanz you.

  14. my 77 year old grandma is a bachelor/ette fan. she had to call me the night emily picked jef. and then she said maybe since you live in charleston, sc (where they said they might get married) and you're a photographer, they'll pick you to take their pictures. she was in full fledge dreamer mode. no wonder why she called me last night... she must need to cry a little. anyways, i like these happyz, too.


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