Monday, October 1, 2012

weekend sevens.


for all you people jumping up and down because you get to wear your boots and scarves...
this is our weather forecast. cool.
i don't even know what i'll do on friday when it is 84 degrees.
i'll probably light a fire and wear my sweats or something.


went to San Luis Obispo for a work deal with scooter on thursday.
this little guy was my lunch date. loved every single second of it.


my mama came to visit for a few days. missed her the minute she drove off.
we just love having her around.


she sent us out on a date.  we went to elephant bar and got a dessert.
i thought it was gross.
i was really, really sick with a bad cold so maybe my taste buds were off.
we were home by 9pm. partiers, obviously.


loving this little guy so much lately.


fed this little peanut food.
like watching a bird eat for the first time or something.
you know when you're feeding a baby and your mouth mocks what you want your baby's mouth to do?
yeah....i do that a lot.


i love when God shows up in ways like this sunset.
my heart has been heavy lately.
 and as i was going through my pics from the weekend i instantly thought of the Lord. 
and how gracious and good He is to me. 
even when i don't see it or i don't WANT to see it...he is still good.
all the time.


  1. katy. i'm liking the drop in that forecast.
    84* is like an igloo.

    i'm so glad you got to spend time with your mom.
    and a date night.
    and that your kids are stinking adorable.

    God IS good.

  2. #1 totally made me LOL because i live in south texas and 84 degrees is downright cold in my book. the high has been in the 90's here and i've been snuggling up in a blanket every night feeling like an ice cube.

    #7 really resonated with me too. i live in a town that has been such a huge change for me after living in dallas for so long. and sometimes i get really down about being here. but every night God does something magical to the clear skies here and reminds me of how awesome He is and that i'm here for a purpose.

    have a great week :)

  3. Love those little lambs so much and missed them the minute I drove off. Sad...

  4. I am in Northern Ca. as well and it was 100 here yesterday...just crazy fall weather! The Habit just opened in our town a few months back and LOVE IT!

  5. lets talk about your mom's super cute outfit. hello stylish! love it. and i really am sorry about that weather. i'm all for southern california weather- but it's october. time to chill out 100 degreeness.

    glad you dated it up & love those pics of you & miles.

    also. how is cammie eating cereal. she was just in your belly.

    love you.

  6. your weather. mercy.
    i'm sorry for your heavy heart. me too.
    your family is adorable, hooray for date nights. such a treat!


  7. i might say this everytime i comment, but come can pull out your boots and scarves and I'll make you a cup of hot tea. it will be wonderful. you kids are to die for...and i just started Amelia on solids. i feel a little behind:)


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