Sunday, October 14, 2012

weekend sevens.

had a full packed weekend with lots of driving!
we got all dolled up and drove to the coast on saturday morning.
love camden's little shoes.

met my dad for the day in san luis.

miles was SUCH a ham at lunch.
in the middle, he just folded his hands in his lap and bowed his head and started praying.
so Godly, that boy. 

took him to the park.
still tired.

i decided that i am going to order a chai latte for my fall drink.
i do not enjoy pumpkin spice lattes anymore. whatsoever.
i love eggnog lattes though. what do you order at starbucks?

went to go see my in-laws on sunday!
it was a great visit. 
cammie was the life of the par-tayyyyy.

i worked. a LOT.
i am working on some really awesome projects for the shop.
you will see soon!
i am very tired from staying up so late. i am too old for this.

today is the last day of my friend's infertility series. 
i can't wait to read it.
i am so, so proud of her.


  1. at starbucks i love the nonfat with whip tall salted caramel mocha. yum!

  2. you were busy this weekend! i love cammie's shoes too :) annnnd salted carmel mochas!

  3. Your kiddos are so precious! And I am not a big fan of the pumpkin spice latte...My new fall have at starbucks is the caramel apple spice. It is SO delicious! :)

  4. i like godly boys.
    chai latte is bomb. we are twins.

  5. Cammies shoes are the cutest! Love San Luis ! Excited to see what ur working on, ur so talented :0) and I've been waiting all weekend to read the last of her series :0) I started reading them while I was in the salon getting my hair done, bad idea. Big ugly cry. Everyone was staring. Love her

  6. you really had a busy weekend! i think my cell phone statement will prove that.
    you are cute.
    your kids are cute.

    and i'm so glad my spiritualness rubbed off on miles. amen.

  7. I am a chai tea or vanilla latte girl but in the fall pumpkin spice is favorite.
    Fun weekend!

  8. i feel like cammie has doubled in size since i saw you guys in july. and those shoes...OhEmGee!

  9. i'm not loving the pumpkin spice latte's this year either.
    what's up with that??
    maybe i need to try this chai latte business instead.

  10. caramel macciato iced (and I don't know how to spell it so there).
    i like that grey striped top you got. is it gray or grey. who makes ups these spelling rules.
    still haven't read Christie's yet. i'm so emotional. i can't handle it right now.

  11. 1. i love cammie's shoes too
    2. did you eat at firestone? simply the best. tri tip all the way.
    3. i had a salted carmel mocha from the bucks the other day, made me sick.
    4. your prints are fabulous

  12. love her shoes too!

    I am a fan of pumpkin everything...except lattes...I dont get it.? I love a good 'ol latte or cappuccino :)

    can't wait to see the new goodies!

  13. Stop being so cute and making such freaking awesome stuff.

  14. Pumpkin spice frapp, cream based. For daysssss.

    1. love the pumpkin spice frappe. like it's my job.

  15. here's the thing. we need to live closer.
    your fam is the jam. cute to the max, too!


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