Monday, November 19, 2012

camden jane :: seven months

cammie girl ::
you are seven months.
you have two teeth.
you crawl.
you are only 14 pounds.
you love your brother.
and your mom and dad.
you want all your brother's toys.
i think you'll always steal his stuff. just to spite him.
i can tell by the look in your eyes.

you love to squeal.
you sleep 12 hours at night.
you hate to have your face washed.
and you hate your car seat.
[which in return, makes me hate your car seat too. a whole lot.]
but other than that, you are always easy peasy.
and you love to laugh. which is a great thing. i love to laugh too.

i love being your mom, little.
i love it a whole lot.


  1. seven months. say it ain't so.
    i LOVE the last picture. she looks so excited. precious girl.

  2. oh man. this little doll.
    hooray for seven!

    also hooray for that sweet green bow, LOVE! xo

  3. Man, she is adorable! You have a beautiful family, Katy. :)

  4. These little lambs have brought me more joy than you can imagine! She is a DOLL!!!!

  5. ohhhh stop.
    that last picture.
    just STOP.
    Saturday. I need to squeeze you.
    And CJ. will she be there?
    if not, just you is MORE than acceptable. :)


  6. I look forward to her monthly pictures in that awesome chair!
    And, I am obsessed with her cute crocheted head bands. Think it would be wrong for Luke to wear one? HA!
    Cammie Jane is such a peanut like my girls were. Luke is almost 15 lbs at 3 months! Craziness.
    Totally jelly she is sleeping 12 hours at night. Teach me your ways...seriously. My kids are horrible sleepers & never slept that long until 10 & 11 months. Luke is still up every 3 hours....

  7. Oh geez. That last picture is AWESOME! Love her.

  8. man. i kinda love her. she is just as sweet as a peach.

  9. ridiculously cute. love her bubble skirt. yeah to sleeping 12 hours! i love sleep.

  10. cammie. you need to work through the car seat issues so that you can road trip to see me. because i need to squeeze you in real life.

  11. Um, no. You can't be this cute Cammie. It's not allowed, nope.



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