Sunday, November 4, 2012

catching up sevens.

it has been so busy around here that i've forgotten to blog about a few things. so instead of weekend sevens, i'm doing a catch up post. i need to know if i'm the only mom out there exhausted from gaining an extra hour of sleep last night. my kids were up at 6. 

1. had a little ladybug for halloween. 
she was the sweetest little thing!

2. and buzz lightyear of course.
he would wear this costume every day if he could.
i think he's happy, but i'm not sure.

3. oh you know, just trying to take a decent picture together.
we took miles trick or treating around the neighborhood a little bit.
he had a blast. loved every second. times infinity. and beyond, if you will.

4. someone is on the move.
she is fast, guys. super fast. 
i don't remember miles being this fast at all.
it is getting a little crazy around here. 
she wants all of miles' toys and is extremely determined.
and he is extremely determined for her not to have ANY of them.
it is my favorite part of every day.
extremely thick sarcasm in my voice just now.

5. i partnered with lindsay from pen & paint to make you another card in two different color schemes!

6. aunty is here to visit & she brought gifts.
i love her & don't love her for this.
love her because miles has never been so happy in his entire life.
don't love her because the firetruck makes the most obnoxious noises.
p.s. i don't want no scrubs.

7. love this little face.

[tell me one good thing about your weekend now.] 


  1. adorable kiddos. love their smiles. yes, i think miles is definately digging his costume. pretty sure :)

  2. wow...your kids are pure joy. love the new card. it won't be long till i get to see you.

    and my was refreshing. we think we might have finally found out what's going on with nay.

  3. i love that lady bug costume! this weekend both girls napped (at the same time) long enough for me to give myself a mani/pedi. i felt like i was on vacation for 2 hours. they rarely take entire naps at the same time.

  4. I'm pretty sure he's just as happy, if not more, when his Grammy comes to town. just sayin.....

  5. I'm pretty sure he's just as happy, if not more, when his Grammy comes to town. I'm just sayin....

  6. i'm laughing because i'm so glad i'm not the only one who is bugged by noisy toys.
    your kids have really great smiles.

    i got to come straight home from church yesterday. that NEVER happens. it was bliss.

  7. i am pretty sure i need cammies striped tights.

    miles can be my buzz light year.
    i have a toddler crush on him in that outfit.
    too cute.

    sisters who wear scrubs are the best kind of sisters.
    especially when you can rap TLC to them.

    happy monday.
    over and out.

  8. Cammie as a lady bug? Makes me wanna die. I think I could start crying she's so precious. Oh, & Miles' giant cheeser while wearing his much.

  9. My sis in law got baby boy that same fire engine.

  10. so. cammie's cheetah print/pink polka dot combo?
    i cannot even handle the cuteness.
    love the halloween costumes, miles' face is solid gold.
    i brought gifts to my nieces today, and i have to say, it's great being an auntie. glad your sister can hang out with y'all!
    and your christmas cards.

    i love them. more though, i love the fancy girl who designed them.


  11. also, i'll now be singing scrubs for the. rest. of. the. night.

  12. haha about the scrubs.

    don't worry one day your sis will have kids and you can return the favor with loud toys :)


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